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Judy Kay Mausolf: Delivering WOW Service

Judy Kay Mausolf is a well-known author, speaker and consultant who focuses on creating an amazing dental practice culture. Here she shares her five strategies for delivering an amazing experience not just for patients, but for all team members. W.O.W. is the acronym Mausolf uses for Weed Out the Weeds.

I find that if we just get rid of anything that would make our patients feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, we can deliver W.O.W. service,” says Mausolf.

Judy Kay's Five Service Strategies

  1. Be happy to serve. If you've made the choice to come to work, it's your responsibility to be happy to be there. But what does that mean when it comes to your behavior? It means you warmly greet others, introduce yourself to patients, ask patients how they would like to be addressed, and spend time to build relationships. 

  2. Serve with consistency. Why is consistency so important? It helps us manage expectations, create good relationships, and build a strong brand with our patients. 
  3. Stay patient focused. Focus on what is in it for the patient. In addition to explaining how the patient will benefit. It’s important to address any complications or any concerns that they have based on what's in it for them. Always show your patient appreciation because they chose your practice.
  4. Work together. “It’s important to work together as a team, even if you don't care for another person,” says Mausolf. “It's not about helping the other person. It's about taking care of the patients and serving them and their needs, so we want to make sure that we work together, we support each other, we help each other. If I'm great at my job and I do a fantastic job, but I don't help my coworker and that patient ends up leaving the practice, we both lose.” 
  5. Provide an awesome ambiance. Practices often underestimate the value of office aesthetics. Mausolf says it is important that your office appeal to the eye, that it's very comfortable, organized (decluttered), and clean. That includes the bathroom. Mausolf recommends "policing" the bathroom every 20 minutes to keep it clean.  

"If you always keep these five service standards at the top of your mind, you and your team will give patients a W.O.W. experience they will rave about," says Mausolf. "And isn’t W.O.W. an incredible brand?" 

About this Industry Leader:

Judy Kay Mausolf - Profile Pic

Judy Kay Mausolf

Practice Management, Team Building & Communication Specialist

Judy Kay is owner and president of Practice Solutions Inc, a dental practice management coach, speaker, and author of Rise & Shine; An Evolutionary Journey to Get Out of Your Way and On Your Way to Success. With expertise in communication and team relationships, she coaches dentists and managers who want to be better leaders, motivate their teams to work together better, and ultimately grow their practice. She was President of National Speakers Association Minnesota Chapter (2012-13), and a member of the National Speakers Association, Academy of Dental Management Consultants, and Speaking Consulting Network. She is an Advanced Transformational TrainerTM. Judy Kay is a contributing author for The Progressive Dentist, Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, AGD Impact, First Impression, Pink Tooth, and the Observer. She also publishes the monthly newsletter Show Your Shine.

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