How did Patient Prism come to be?

Patient Prism - The Dental Software Company to track patient calls
Patient Prism - The Dental Software Company with Marketing Experience

For 20 years, we’ve studied how to help dental practices grow

From accounting to marketing to call-tracking software. Since the early 2000s, as former CPA’s, Patient Prism’s founders have worked with hundreds of dental practices.

That experience helped us see the differences between thriving practices and others where growth had stalled. We saw firsthand how fast patient attrition can cause a practice to shrink.

Extensive Dental Marketing Experience

Patient Prism offered marketing services to dental practices. We built and managed websites. We ran pay-per-click ad campaigns. From that experience, we saw which marketing investments consistently delivered the highest returns. More importantly, we saw how many practices spent money on marketing programs that didn’t generate a return.

To our surprise, we saw practices waste money on tactics that generate plenty of inquiries. Although the phones would ring, inbound calls didn’t generate sufficient new patients. This often occurs if dental practices don’t monitor how effective their front-office staff is in managing incoming phone calls.

In 2015 Patient Prism was created

With that insight, we switched our focus to supporting dentists manage calls from potential new patients. Working with dentists, we developed and tested patent-pending technologies to measure key performance metrics.

Today, Patient Prism’s software shows which marketing investments generate the highest-value phone calls from potential new patients. The technology enables busy practices to convert more of these callers into patients. Dental offices can increase their revenue growth without necessarily spending more on marketing. Practices can do so without spending hours listening to recordings of entire phone calls.

Moreover, Patient Prism® allows practices a golden second chance to make a first impression. When the office fails to book a new-patient appointment, the system sends the practice an alert within an hour. Our software recommends specific training videos to watch before calling the patient back. The goal of the follow-up call is to persuade the caller to reconsider. Patients are pleased to receive calls that are based on their needs. They feel understood. Therefore many decide to book an appointment.

We know that Patient Prism’s software, methodology, and training work. They are in use at more than 900 dental offices. Try Patient Prism for your dental practice. Schedule a demo today!

Our Culture & Values


We grow and innovate together with, and inspired by, our customers. To deliver value, we listen, understand, and then act. We believe in taking initiative and pushing boundaries to achieve the most impact-driven outcomes.


We believe in complete visibility into everything we do. We believe that transparency creates a culture of empowerment; and a more empowered team is a more productive team.

Continuous improvement

We constantly aspire to ‘outdo our best’. As one team, we take ownership over the quality of our own contributions, but even more so, pride in what we deliver together. We keep at it until we get it right.


We celebrate our successes, we learn from our failures and we always own the results. We’re accountable to one another and value opinions, while independently owning processes from A-Z.

Create an environment of transparency, ownership, and accountability, to make teamwork click.

Do you spend money to make your phones ring, but you don’t convert as many callers  into new patients?  Our software helps monitor and manage the way your staff handles inbound phone calls. Our team provides virtually instant feedback and coaching to improve the performance of your staff. Or do you have less time to see patients but more patient requests? Patient Prism allows you to focus on the high-dollar patients, increasing your revenue even though you’ve been limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.



No risk, no obligation. Schedule a demo today and see the difference Patient Prism can make for your dental office.