AI Healthcare Features

Unlock unparalleled AI Healthcare Features – from AI-optimized marketing to gamified engagement. Experience the Patient Prism difference.

AI Healthcare Features

AI's magic touch in marketing

Hyper-Optimized Marketing Campaigns

Patient Prism AI transforms healthcare marketing. It uses AI to assess lead quality in the marketing funnel through context-based conversation analysis. Conversions are now redefined by equating them to actual appointments booked, thus presenting a true metric of patient acquisition cost.

AI in Healthcare Marketing: Leveraging GA4 and Google Ads for Enhanced Strategies.

Powering the sales pipeline

Supercharge Sales

AI Healthcare Features. Patient Prism AI uses smart tech, like DeepLens AI, to make your phone staff better at selling. It gives feedback to each team member just a minute after a call, along with a detailed 14-point review to help them improve.



Calls Analyzed


Imagine recapturing 30% of revenue opportunities lost during the initial patient interaction. With 1-minute coaching, healthcare practices can swiftly re-engage lost patient opportunities and present a new offer.

Bringing back lost opportunities.

Revenue Recovery

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Engage, Play, Win.


Patient Prism features an integrated change management system that inspires, motivates, and excites team members to perform at the peak of their abilities. Our gamification feature enables organizations to offer immediate rewards for practices that boost patient conversions.