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Turn More Callers into New Patients

Rapid call analytics and call coaching help dental practices book more appointments, recover lost revenue opportunities, and increase marketing effectiveness.





Quickly See Return on Investment

Do you know why callers aren’t booking appointments with your dental office?

Lost Revenue

You pay good money for every single call that comes into your dental office. Each call that fails to convert into a booked appointment means wasted marketing dollars and lost revenue.

Failed Calls

While it’s important to know how much money these failed calls are costing you, it’s even more important to know why they failed in the first place.

Call-handling Mistakes

If you aren’t able to quickly identify your team’s call-handling mistakes and provide the right feedback, your calls will continue to fail and your marketing budget will continue to go to waste.
If you’re asking yourself, “Where am I supposed to find the time to listen to calls and provide feedback to all my team?” we’ve got good news for you.
Patient Prism® identifies why calls fail so you can take immediate action to win back lost patients

Call Evaluations

Our fast, experienced call coaches quickly evaluate how your front-office team handle phone calls, and provide relevant data, subject matter expertise and training to help them manage calls more effectively.


For each potential patient you’ve lost, Patient Prism will send an alert within an hour to call the person back right away, with advice on what to say.

Detailed Notes

With our patented call visualization software, your team can see exactly where the call went wrong, with detailed notes on how to reverse the loss, without having to listen to the entire call.
With this fast, relevant coaching and training, your team can take immediate action to win back callers and recoup that lost revenue for your dental practice.

Proven Success for Private Practices, Small Groups and Large DSOs

Learn about how Patient Prism dramatically boosted call conversions and increased their revenue across the board, without increasing marketing spend.

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