Perfecting smiles with AI.


Serving the dental industry with dedication, Patient Prism is committed to perfecting smiles across the board. Whether it's supporting Dental Support Organizations (DSOs), collaborating with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), or empowering independent offices, our comprehensive solutions cater to every facet of dental care. Together, we forge a brighter, more radiant future for dental practices and the smiles they nurture.

Health meets smart tech.


In the nexus of health and innovation, we cater to the healthcare industry by merging medical expertise with cutting-edge technology. Health meets smart tech in our solutions, offering a seamless blend of care and convenience, and elevating the standards of patient-centered service.

A clearer vision for growth.


Dedicated to the optometry industry, we bring sharp focus to practices seeking growth. With our expertise, we illuminate pathways for advancement, ensuring a clearer vision for sustainable success in eye care.

Aligning spines and strategies.


At the crossroads of healthcare and innovation, we dedicate ourselves to the optometry industry, expertly aligning spines and strategies to craft a clearer future for both practitioners and their patients.

Fine-tuning hearing with intelligence.


Fine-tuning hearing with intelligence, Patient Prism offers a transformative solution for audiologists. By merging intuitive technology with industry insights, this platform elevates patient engagement and ensures every interaction is optimized for success.

Accelerating recovery with smart solutions.

Physical Therapy

Accelerating recovery with smart solutions, Patient Prism is the epitome of innovation for physical therapists. This platform seamlessly integrates advanced technology with patient care, ensuring each rehabilitation journey is streamlined and efficient.

Personalized care through AI insights.

Primary Care

Accelerating recovery with smart solutions, Patient Prism revolutionizes primary care by intertwining advanced technology with patient-centric approaches. It promises quicker, more effective pathways to health and well-being for all.

Enhancing animal care with technology.


Enhancing animal care with technology, Patient Prism is a game-changer for veterinary professionals. This platform blends cutting-edge tech with deep insights, ensuring optimal care for our cherished pets and animals.

Merging rejuvenation with innovation.

Medical Spa

Merging rejuvenation with innovation, Patient Prism elevates the med-spa experience. This platform seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology, ensuring treatments are not only luxurious but also at the forefront of modern care.