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Do You Have a Hospitality Heart?

Do you have a hospitality heart? 

This is the question dental practice consultant Lisa Spradley raises in this first video in a series produced for Patient Prism clients about the challenges and opportunities for quickly making lasting relationships in our fast-paced and quickly-changing world.

Is this essential? “Absolutely,” says Spradley, who is known as “The Front Desk Lady.”

“Hospitality is a generous, friendly, and I would add, knowledgeable treatment of everyone we come in contact with,” says Spradley “Every business should develop hospitality skills that allow them to engage in meaningful conversations that inspire loyalty and show others how much we care about them and their needs.”

Lisa Spradley has worked at a dental front desk for more than 20 years and understands the struggle to put the patient’s needs first while taking care of the front office. As a business manager and service leader, speaker, author, and consultant, she trains dental teams to focus on the patient. “This will lead to more production and in-office referrals,” she writes.

In her video series for Patient Prism, Spradley speaks about many essentials for exceptional service and communication. “It’s our communication skills that allow us to deliver exceptional care to our customers and our teams every single day,” she asserts. “The development of these skills requires listening well and taking actions to address the needs and wants of others. Taking action demonstrates our commitment.”

The goals of exceptional communication and addressing others’ needs leads to a level of hospitality that ensures every contact is a positive experience. This positive experience encourages others to trust us with their needs and to refer family and friends to us.

What exactly are the skills she coaches dental teams to master? Join us at Patient Prism Academy to view Lisa Spradley’s short lessons on the power of influence, learning how to actively listen, readiness to put the customer first, leading the team by example, intentional open and honest conversations that welcome others to share, putting aside personal troubles, the power of positive words, conveying our Why... our purpose, mirroring what the patient is saying, showing genuine interest, developing emotional connections, and taking our Why… our purpose to the wider community.  


About this Industry Leader:

Lisa Marie Spradley - Profile Pic

Lisa Marie Spradley

Team Building and Communication Coach

Lisa Marie runs TCB Consulting as the Front Desk Lady. She enjoys speaking with people who want to start and build an exceptional business. As a coach, she finds it very rewarding to work with teams who want to develop the skills for meaningful conversations, the key to lasting success. She was named the 2014 Office Manager of the Year with the American Association of Dental Office Management, and in 2015, was honored to be named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry as listed by Dental Products Report.

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