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Dr. Himesh Kana: Patient Prism is a Game Changer

Himesh Kana, DDS, is the Managing Partner of Dental Depot DFW, a dental group with more than 20 locations in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona. Dr. Kana and his team are focused on providing the best customer service and patient care possible, and quickly saw the value of Patient Prism.

“Well, this was really the game changer for us. The fact that we could get within minutes or within the hour, feedback from Patient Prism and how we handle the call, or maybe (we could recapture) a lost opportunity. That was when we really started seeing the game change. And we've found that when we call them back within the hour, the patients were very engaged. We've seen probably $30,000 or $40,000 worth of just regenerated revenue for missed calls.”

Patient Prism is an award-winning call tracking and call coaching program that analyzes every new patient phone call, identifies individuals who end the call without booking, and provides rapid training to win them back – all within one hour. It leverages artificial intelligence, experienced call coaches, and quick training videos from top industry experts to provide fast, actionable insights designed to generate immediate results.

Patient Prism answers these questions:

  • How are potential patients finding you?
  • What services did they request?
  • Did they book an appointment?
  • If not – how can your team win them back?

Its patented technology eliminates the need to listen to call recordings and provides detailed information that dental practices and DSOs use to optimize marketing, operations, staff behavior, and the patient experience.

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