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Christina Villarreal: Patient Prism can be Enlightening for the Team

Christina Villarreal is the Patient Experience Manager at Dental Associates, a family-owned practice with more than a dozen practices in Wisconsin. Christina shared how her team felt when Patient Prism was first introduced, and how they feel now.

“They are a little nervous at first. They felt weird when they listened to their calls and they heard their own voice, but it's really enlightening for them. They don't realize how they sound. They don't realize what dead air really sounds like. Or when they've put someone on hold for three minutes, you think, well, it's three minutes. But when you're sitting there listening to what the patient is saying on the other side of that three minutes waiting for someone to pick up… They find the value in it now, especially when they're able to contact that patient back and then change it from not booked to booked. And they see how (their training from Patient Prism) affects their gold, silver and diamond certificates as well. So that helps them.”

Patient Prism is a call-tracking and call-coaching system that analyzes every new patient phone call that doesn’t end in an appointment. It provides rapid feedback, including coaching tips from top industry leaders, to help the team members improve their call-handling skills. It even provides specific phrasing the team members can use to call back the potential patients, impress them with their customer service, and book them during the follow-up call.

While many team members like being able to listen to the original call, others may not have time. That’s why Patient Prism’s patented system displays the information visually, highlighting the areas where the receptionist or call center agent performed well, and the areas where the call could have been handled differently.

About this Industry Leader:

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Christina Villarreal

Patient Experience Manager, Dental Associates


Christina Villarreal joined Dental Associates in 2007 and quickly rose to the position of Patient Experience Manager. Christina is constantly looking for ways to improve the patient experience at Dental Associates' 14 practices in Wisconsin. She works closely with every team member both in the practices and in corporate support roles to identify issues and implement strategies that will increase patient satisfaction and employee morale. Christina is usually in the practices, talking to team members and observing them in action. The hands-on knowledge leads to more effective training techniques and ensures everyone on the team understands the goals and how success is tracked. She uses a series of key performance indicators and reports the findings to the executive team monthly.


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