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Call Coaching, Not Just Call Recording

GT Thiagarajah is an expert at implementing systems and processes that help dental practices grow. He is the Director of Operations at New England Dental Group, where he has combined two decades of business management experience with a vision to provide excellent patient care and customer service.GT used another call tracking company prior to joining Patient Prism, but never had time to listen to the recorded phone calls. Patient Prism instantly made his job easier.

“We have always recorded the calls, from Day One. The hardest part is to review the calls. It's a very, very time-consuming process. So I never did it. The Patient Prism process makes it easier for us on the management side. (The difference) really comes from coaching our team better, rather than just listening to them doing something wrong.”

Patient Prism sends out an email and/or text message as soon as a potential new patient ends the call without booking an appointment. Its patented solution provides business analytics, coaching tips, and actionable data for improving staff performance and call conversions. Each alert details why the caller didn’t book and specific phrasing the dental team member can use to call back that potential patient and try to win them back.

Dental practices using Patient Prism typically see their new patient call conversions jump about 20% within the first few months of implementation.

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