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Practice Culture Impacts Employee Retention

One of the big challenges that dental practices and DSOs face today, as they grow and expand, is how do you retain and motivate your team to not only perform at their best, but also motivate others to perform at their best. Retention is a big issue for dentists in DSOs and for all team members of a practice.

Set Your Standards

"I think culture is like an internal brand, and your employees are your customers in this context," says leadership coach Holly Mitchell. "So, you have to have things that set you apart from other places so that your employees can be retained just like you want your patients to be retained."

Align Your Systems

"Knowing your culture or core values is not enough," asserts Mitchell. "You must align the operating policies and practices of the office with the core values of your organization." 

Hire Accordingly

“The systems reinforce the mindset. So, you set the standard and then you align the systems.” Hiring is then done intentionally to find employees who are personally aligned with the culture and systems. “Having a hiring and recruitment process that highlights the candidates who already have your core values is going to set you up for success.”

Periodically Revisit

The workplace culture also needs to be evolving. “So maybe once a year, you sit down with your team and go back to your core values,” says Mitchell. “And, also contrast this with who you are not. Break your team up into groups based on their role and ask, “Within your job scope, within your duties, how does this show up for you? How do you demonstrate teamwork as a dental assistant? Have them outline all the ways that they do that for each other. This will help you create a job description that reflects your culture when you on-board new team members."

About this Industry Leader:

Holly Mitchell - Profile Pic

Holly Mitchell

Leadership Coach, LeadWell Network

After beginning her career in dentistry as an unpaid intern, Holly Mitchell worked her way up to become a nationally-recognized practice manager, consultant, and public speaker in the dental field. She propelled her own dental practice, Central Park West Dentistry, to Inc. 5000's list of America's Fastest Growing Companies for five years in a row. As a repeat guest lecturer at NYU's College of Dentistry, her presentations have been described as "entertaining, informative, memorable," and "the best." Her enthusiasm for strategic entrepreneurialism inspires her team and consulting clients to confront what's not working and embrace the leader within. Holly's mission is to create sustainable growth by leveraging, engaging, and inspiring her team and coaching clients to drive profitability and promote a higher quality of life both in and outside of the office.

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