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JoAn Majors: Create a System for Call Conversion

JoAn Majors, founder of The Soft Skills Institute, talks about “secret shopper” research that led to developing a conversation system that is effective in converting callers to booked patients. 

Majors discovered that making a “telephone handshake” that is a true personal connection is more powerful than answering the caller’s questions with technical terminology the patient may not understand. Majors recommends dental practices develop a system for making a telephone handshake and by that she means drawing callers into a comfortable conversation that earns the trust of the caller and leads to call conversion.

If we use big words and dental terminology, the caller may feel uncomfortable. Her advice is to use simple words and convey that you are there to help and that you believe in your doctor.

“What you're selling is the doctor and his or her skills,” says Majors.

For example, when talking about dental implants, you can simply say, “You called the right place if you are interested in implants. An implant is a man-made root that Dr. Smith can put in, and then he will design man-made teeth to go on top of it.” When it sounds easy and simple, the patient feels more at ease. If a caller asks a question and the answer is confusing, the caller is not likely to make the appointment.

Focus on using simple words. When those at the front desk have confidence in the expertise of the dentist, what to say and how to say things simply, call conversion is successful. 

About this Industry Leader:

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JoAn Majors, RDA, CSP®

Certified Speaking Professional & Content Creation Specialist, Soft Skills Institute, LLC

JoAn Majors works with organizations in the dental industry who want to improve predictability, profitability and passion with soft skills. She knows the dental industry because she comes from it and has spent her 30+ year career focused on the soft skills that create value for the procedure, service, practice or relationship involved. She has been fondly referred to as the “word surgeon” finding ways to turn tough or technical conversations into easy-to-repeat systems that create more value and stronger connections.

JoAn is a member of the National Speakers Association, Global Speakers Network, Speaking and Consulting Network along with many other professional organizations. She has been published in more than 25 magazines and newsletters and has written multiple books. Her first book on implant dentistry has been used to train thousands of teams. JoAn has worked in every type of practice in her career, sold dental supplies, and co-founded a software company that sold to their largest competitor in the first decade of her career. Later she was an early apprentice of Walter Hailey at the Texas-based Dental Book Kamp and then was a team training faculty member for the Misch International Implant Institute. In addition, she was VP of Development for one of the industry’s first DSOs.

Currently, she is founder and content creation specialist for The Soft Skills Institute, LLC. JoAn’s “happy place” is at the front of the room inspiring teams to action with her signature “open arms” communication. This is supported by high-value follow-up material for implementation by the team’s executor. Her platform voice and her writing voice are the same: Positive and passionate, but not too preachy. She is happily married to her greatest champion and best friend, Dr. Chuck Majors a second-generation dentist. She still spends time weekly in the practice. She and her family reside in Texas. To learn more or see her in action, visit: www.joanmajors.com


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