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Fred Joyal: Tracking Marketing Results

“My life is helping dentists find patients, and they ask me, ‘What should I use to advertise,’“ says Fred Joyal. “And my answer is simple, everything that works.” But, how do you know what marketing works?

Collect Real Data

You have to track marketing results to know where to spend your marketing dollars. This is where a lot of dentists fall down says Joyal. Typically, they ask the front desk person what is working. Anecdotal information stops a lot of marketing that might actually be working. For example, practices tell Joyal, “We had some no shows, so we stopped advertising.” What you need is real data.

"Patient Prism was developed from the vantage point of a marketing company," says Amol Nirgukar, CEO of Patient Prism. “One of the things that we wanted practices to have is instant visibility on what marketing mediums are working for them. So, if it's a billboard campaign or a Google Ads campaign on Invisalign or implants, we wanted them to know if it is  working to bring in the right type of patients.”

"So, now you can go back and look at the data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis," says Joyal, "and know which advertising brought you new patients and how many. If a particular campaign is working, you can spend more on it. "You have the data at your fingertips. It goes all the way down to whether they come in, and then you can track it and see what they spent. 

Intelligently Use the Data

Data is intelligence to guide you. “You want to know what you could do more,” says Joyal. “If I could spend a dollar and get $4 or $5 back, I should do it all day long.  Double down and see if at a certain point it levels off.”

"And, Just because you find out a marketing channel isn't showing results, don't automatically abandon it," says Joyal. Learn why it didn't work and adjust it. “You'll find out very typically one Facebook ad will work. One Facebook video or YouTube video draws like crazy and another doesn’t,” says Joyal. “So many times it's not the channel, it's the content on the channel. It's the offer.”

About this Industry Leader:

Fred Joyal - Profile Pic

Fred Joyal

Speaker, Author & Dental Marketing Expert

Fred Joyal is the co-founder of 1-800-DENTIST, and author of two bestsellers,  "Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth" and "Becoming Remarkable: Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About."

As the industry's foremost expert on dental consumer marketing, Fred has lectured at dental tradeshows nationwide and is a regular contributor to various print and online publications. He has also been awarded the Conrad Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur Award by Loyola Marymount University, as well as an honorary Doctorate of Arts from the University of Rhode Island, and he sits on the board of directors for The Children's Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles.

Drawing upon his 35 years of experience in dental consumer marketing, Fred Joyal shares the kind of relatable real-world examples, techniques and business strategies dental practices need to thrive in a competitive and increasingly challenging field. His popular lectures focus on achieving deeper patient relationships and maximizing production from new and existing patients.

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