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The Importance of Community Service for DSOs

Amol Nirgudar, CEO of Patient Prism, spent a day in August 2018 with Dr. AJ Acierno of DecisionOne Dental Partners. This video captures their conversation about why DSOs like DecisionOne Dental should be engaged in community service.

Community service is an integral part of DecisionOne Dental’s identity.

“We are an organization based on community dental practices. And when we say community dental practices, I mean relationships within the community, and if we're not, we're just another dental office,” says Dr. Acierno.

DecisionOne Dental added its 25th dental office in August, and each is committed to spending the time and energy to help the community in different ways. They partnered with Clearbrook, an organization in Illiniois that cares for mentally and physically challenged adults, to provide pro bono dentistry. Dr. Acierno said it’s a cause that’s very close to their hearts, especially since their government funding has decreased.  “At a Friday afternoon event when we’re providing dentistry for Clearbrook, they always say how thankful they are,” says Dr. Acierno. “And, I always say how appreciative we are, too. It’s an amazing atmosphere. I will take that any day.”

“When you do the right thing, the culture is amazing,” says Nirgudkar. “Staff members are happier because they are part of something that’s bigger than themselves (and) it’s very inspiring.”

“Yes,” says Dr. Acierno, “we do it because it is something we really care about. As we grow, the momentum continues. We give back to the troops every year with Halloween candy and other things we bring, and we have food drives. The amazing thing about DSOs is the amount of dentistry they are providing to people that cannot afford it. The types of free dentistry that DSOs are doing is truly amazing.”

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