CEO Pulse: Top Strategies for Q4 Growth.

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Dental practices are observing slower than anticipated patient volume in October 2023. Cancellations and no-shows are increasing, likely due to influenza, COVID and inflation constraining disposable income. If unaddressed, this trend could negatively impact Q4 growth.

However, there are solutions. 

Here are 7 ways dental organizations can strategically optimize scheduling and promotions to finish 2023 strong. Top Strategies for Q4 Growth:

1. Thoroughly review schedules, consolidating openings to maximize availability. Proactively contact patients to reschedule canceled or missed appointments.
2. Implement compelling incentives like discounts on high-value services to encourage rebooking. Offer extended hours to accommodate patients.  
3. Cross-sell advanced treatments during visits to boost revenue. Launch strategic holiday promotions to attract new patients.
4. Do more than simply rely on online scheduling and appointment reminders. Personally confirm appointments and rapidly follow up on cancellations.
5. Refine your marketing approach, doubling down on campaigns targeting high-value NEW patients to optimize the mix.
6. Fine-tune hygiene scheduling to drive greater patient volume. Equip hygienists with trained assistants to enhance efficiency.
7. Make financing easy and accessible for patients. Integrate payment plan options into treatment presentations to remove financial barriers.

With proactive scheduling adjustments, enticing promotions, refined marketing and easy payment options, dental practices can continue delivering excellent care while achieving strong same-store growth this year, despite current economic headwinds. By optimizing operations and removing obstacles for patients, practices can finish 2023 strong. Focus on providing compassionate care and creative solutions, and growth will follow.

The AI-powered Patient Prism platform is purpose-built to help dental practices address the growth strategies outlined here. Our end-to-end solution seamlessly integrates your marketing, sales and operations to drive more new patients, increase phone conversions and optimize scheduling – fueling sustainable same-store growth.

If you want to learn more about how Patient Prism’s AI can strengthen your marketing ROI, boost appointments scheduled and enhance practice efficiency, schedule a demo today. Our team is ready to show you how the Patient Prism platform can optimize performance and accelerate growth for your practice in 2023 and beyond.

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