OFX NiTime Aligners

CEO Pulse: Market Trends and Insights

Vol 1, Issue 12

Dear DSO and OSO Executives,
In the dynamic landscape of dental care, particularly within the clear aligner niche, we are witnessing an evolution. Despite the technological strides in this field, patient quality of life leading to patient compliance has remained a challenge, directly affecting treatment outcomes and practice growth. However, an exciting development from OrthoFX is set to transform this paradigm.
OrthoFX has recently unveiled the NiTime Aligners, the world’s first FDA-cleared system designed for night wear or reduced daily wear time. This innovative aligner system boasts a hyper-elastic polymer construction that performs accurately with only 40% to 60% the standard wear time. With such advancements, OrthoFX is enabling unprecedented convenience and comfort for patients, ensuring better compliance and more predictable treatment outcomes.

OFX NiTime Aligners

As we delve into the details, the NiTime Aligners could be a significant breakthrough for practices like yours. With many GP practices averaging fewer than two clear aligner starts per month, the greater patient convenience, enhanced clinical predictability, and efficiency of NiTime Aligners may very well be the catalyst to amplify those numbers in 2024 and beyond.
With economic factors contributing to a recent slowdown in ortho starts, OrthoFX’s promise extends beyond their groundbreaking technology. They are committed to providing comprehensive support through clinical coaching, multi-location support, and flexible financing options, ensuring that both providers and patients have a seamless experience.
I am sharing a video by the CEO of OrthoFX, who will elaborate on how the NiTime aligners are revolutionizing clear aligner therapy. This insight could be the key to unlocking new avenues for growth in your practice, not just in the United States but across the globe.

I encourage you to watch the attached videos and consider how integrating OFX NiTime Aligners into your practice could enhance your service offering and meet the needs of a broader patient base. 

OFX NiTime Aligners

📣 Listen to Reviews from OFX NiTime Providers.

– Neil Warshawsky DDS, MS, PC // Get it Straight Orthodontics

"OrthoFx is the only system I've ever seen that is always in biological range."

– Dr. Terry Sellke  // Orthodontic Specialists of Lake County

"By the time I had the first ten in treatment, I knew that I had found the holy grail of plastic treatment."

CEO Pulse

Best regards,

Amol Nirgudkar


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