Solutions for Dentists Using Artificial Intelligence

Solutions for Dentists Using Artificial Intelligence . Artificial Intelligence plays an essential role in Patient Prism’s call tracking and alert platform. It also plays an essential role in the quality of the patient journey in our clients’ dental practices. AI is fully embedded in how we create, enhance, connect, and deliver trusted information to dental offices in English-speaking nations around the world. And this intelligence is helping dental groups and large DSOs consistently grow and share their call metrics on an enterprise scale.

Since 2016, we have been using AI NLP (normal language processing) and machine learning in our cloud-based platform. The Patient Prism platform assesses phone calls coming into dental offices and alerts these offices in nearly real time. The alerts are customized, based on the specifications of clients, and they deliver timely intelligence needed to capture significant new patient revenue and optimize practice marketing, phone staffing, team performance, and same-store excellence in their new patient experience.

As a result, dental groups on an enterprise scale are receiving comprehensive, accurate, and trusted call data in nearly real time. From this intelligence, management can: 

  • Draw insights to solve problems rapidly 
  • See the AI’s estimate of the revenue opportunity represented by each call
  • Manage their teams to call back unconverted callers and win back lost high-value opportunities

DSOs are capturing 25 to 30% more new, high-value patients and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in new treatment revenue within a few months. Some DSOs are exceeding $1.5 million in additional revenue within six months.

There is no other software platform like this in dentistry. No other dental call software utilizes AI. Patient Prism’s AI is being added to the technology stacks of growing DSOs because it compliments their existing call systems and solves one the industry’s largest problems:

People prefer to call dental practices to make an appointment. They want to feel a connection with a human being who will understand their needs. When advertising motivates people to call and 50% of calls go unanswered and 50% of answered calls are poorly answered, potential patients with real restorative and cosmetic needs are turned off. They move on to call another practice. 

Alarming as this seems, most dental practice owners and managers are not aware of the magnitude of this problem in their own business. They have not calculated their lost marketing dollars nor how much revenue from crowns, implants, veneers, and Invisalign has been left on the table.

Dental practice owners and managers need a way for their phone receptionists to make a second, better impression—a way that is effective in re-engaging those lost opportunities.

When a skilled dental team member calls prospective new patients back within an hour to half a day and has optimal conversations with them, based on Patient Prism’s AI intelligence, then bingo! A large percentage are converted to scheduled appointments.

Dental practice owners and managers, you need to know that 25 to 30% of the new patients, who are called back, do convert into booked appointments. If these new patients are given a high-touch, human-voice experience during the appointment reminder, they will show up and feel they are in the right place for a wonderful patient experience.

Without Patient Prism to aid them, dental teams do not have the information they need to call back and convert lost opportunities based on actionable data. When we factor in that the reputation of your business is at stake each time someone is seeking care and feels deterred or has an abrupt conversation at best, the value of being able to make a second great impression rises.

Until Patient Prism, there has not been an AI bot tracking millions of dental phone calls, understanding the spoken words of millions of different people, and trained to assess those conversations and report actionable intelligence within mere minutes. As of the date of this article, nearly 9,000,000 new patient phone calls have been assessed by the AI, and testing indicates the keywords recorded and interpretations made by the AI are within 95% accuracy. As of the date of this article, a Re-Engage Lost Opportunity (RELO) alert will go out within less than 15 minutes, and that alert will include coaching notes and information to make a call back effective.

Check out this case study on Dental Depot. In the first six months of Patient Prism implementation, Dental Depot recovered $300,000 in collected revenue from patients who were won back on the follow-up call.

“It’s astounding what our team has been able to do with this technology in such a short amount of time!” ~Glenn Ashmore, DDS, Founder of Dental Depot

“Our AI experts are focused on how and where to implement human thinking and decision making, so Patient Prism’s AI can predict with even greater accuracy and speed what can be said on a call back that will trigger the prospect’s desire to be your patient.” ~Jillian Householder, Director of Client Success, Patient Prism

“Coupling our AI expertise with the diverse practice management and call systems of our clients is making it possible for dental groups of all sizes and types to adopt Patient Prism and share call intelligence across all their locations. Some have made decisions to add locations based on this intelligence, others have initiated team development at poorer performing locations, and many have been able to access appointments at sister locations to fill schedules and meet the needs of patients.” ~Jim Rollins, Vice President of Business Development, Patient Prism 

“One of the most essential aspects of Patient Prism usage is the pleasure dental team members derive from being successful at new patient conversions and learning how to navigate conversations to ensure a caller will feel confident booking their appointments.  Patient Prism provides the support needed to further connections and rapports built with every call. After onboarding hundreds of dental locations, I have witnessed AI improve the patient journey with each phone call.  Even with any initial feelings of awkwardness over having calls assessed by Patient Prism’s AI rapidly dissipates.  With AI and coaching, receptionists rapidly grow in competence, confidence, and delivering wow service.  Administrative leaders see the increase in the conversion rate, and each team member learns their efforts will be recognized, and each call is worth the extra effort.” ~ Almarie Burch, Senior Client Success Manager, Patient Prism

“It’s frustrating for practice owners to spend huge dollars on digital ads and not have callers book appointments. From the perspective of a business consultant to dental practices, it became my priority to help them make the most of their marketing dollars. Mike Speissbach and I co-founded Patient Prism to address the need of dental practices everywhere to maximize their new patient opportunities over the phone. Placing people before profits, we were dedicated to helping dental patients have greater access to the care they need while at the same time improving the performance of team members so they could experience success. With the embedding of AI, Patient Prism has delivered dental teams the intelligence and coaching to provide more care, meet the needs of more patients, and engage more of the high-value patients they desire. Patient Prism has swiftly evolved into the leading dental call tracking platform to lower the cost of new patient acquisition and re-engage lost revenue opportunities.” ~Amol Nirgudkar, CEO and Co-founder of Patient Prism


Patient Prism Delivers Actionable Intelligence

Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of computer science that programs computers with the ability to understand text and spoken words in much the same way as humans. Patient Prism’s artificial intelligence (AI) incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide deep insights into dental patient phone calls and conversion analytics. For example: 

  • Managers can easily see how many people asked about implants, the percentage booked, and the revenue opportunity won or lost.
  • They can see how many people said they had Delta Dental PPO or spoke Spanish.
  • They can see how many called in pain with emergency needs.
  • They can see how many prospective patients did not book due to the unavailability of near appointments.
  • They can determine if team members are uninformed about advertised promotions, don’t know how to respond well to financial questions, or are so pressed for time they fail to demonstrate empathy for callers’ concerns.

These insights help managers identify where to expand services, better coach team members, increase staffing during peak hours, consider participation with an insurance provider, and adjust marketing. 

Patient Prism categorizes phone calls into new patients booked or not booked, current patients booked or not booked, appointment cancellations, appointments rescheduled, solicitations, and general calls. If the schedule is looking light, managers can readily determine if it is because no patients are calling, if potential patients called but were not scheduled, if scheduled patients canceled, or if it is a combination of these.

Each call’s financial value is identified in real-time based on keywords spoken and the practice’s own fee schedule. This value is displayed on a dashboard that the front desk monitors. Seeing the value makes it easier for teams to focus on the callers that are predicted by the AI to generate the highest revenue. Patient Prism sends alerts within 15 minutes with the information and call-coaching prompts that make it possible for someone on the team to call back the unconverted patient, demonstrate empathy and desire to help, provide information missed in the first conversation, and make a second impression that successfully ends in a scheduled appointment.  

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