June 26, 2023 — Patient Prism’s brand-new platform boasts a sleek, intuitive user interface that is tailor-made for growing practices and organizations. The Version 3 (V3) platform offers full customization, 
allowing you to enhance the Patient Prism features you already enjoy. 

New features enable you to automate instant, customizable messages to patients and team members; to filter data to see only the data that are important to you; and to get TRUE intelligence on the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns (way beyond anything possible before). 

—Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism

The new and improved features will take your practice’s performance to the next level. Let’s jump into some of the new practice accelerators that our beta users found exciting and game-changing!

New: DeepLens Analysis
You don’t need to listen to calls to gain insights! 

DeepLens conversational intelligence filters out noise and identifies the most important calls. It also summarizes those calls for you in text. You’ll get quick analyses of key points and recommendations, so you can follow up and turn calls into appointments.

New: Real-Time Data Delivery
Seize opportunities within minutes — before the patient has moved on.

The rapid acceleration of the AI has been underway for some months now. In V3, phone calls are analyzed within one minute of the call completion. The resulting analytics are reported in real time, so you can take immediate action on missed opportunities, cancellations, high-value patients, and more — revolutionizing practice management.

DashboardNew: Data Filters
See only the KPIs that are most important to you.

While data-driven decisions are critical, too much data can bury essential insights. You can customize your filter preferences to see only your essential KPIs. This will assist in pinpointing significant patterns and trends such as opportunity type, booking status, and reasons not booked.

New: Referral Source Report
Get precise insights into top-performing lead sources.

Our new referral source report provides immediate insight into campaign effectiveness by types, such as Google Ads, social media, website, or postcards.

New: Google Analytics (GA4) Integration 
Get deeper ROI insights for more effective marketing strategies.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is set to revolutionize healthcare marketing by enabling marketers to gain a more detailed understanding of the patient journey across various platforms. Its user-centric data reporting will help healthcare providers deliver personalized marketing messages, based on individual patient experiences and interactions. 

By integrating Patient Prism’s precise conversion reporting into GA4, healthcare marketers can gain insights into actual conversions, enhancing the accuracy of their ROI calculations. This integration will enable healthcare marketers to set and monitor specific conversion goals within GA4, facilitating data-driven decision-making and the implementation of more effective marketing strategies.

New: Customizable Automation
Track the events most important to your practice and create automatic notifications to drive results.

V3 enables you to build customized actions based on your chosen criteria. Here are a few examples of the event triggers you can implement:

  • Patient Text-Backs: Automatically re-engage the patient by sending a scheduling link via SMS text message.
  • Follow-up Recommendations: Set up an automated email or text notification to prompt team members to pursue missed opportunities (including prioritizing follow-ups for high-value patients).
  • Cancellation Responses: Develop a LIVE (real-time) dashboard to track cancellations and alert the right team members to fill vacant slots on the schedule.

New: Personalized Dictionaries
Expand common industry dictionaries with your own personalized keywords and phrases.

Patient Prism’s AI tracks keywords and phrases spoken over the phone. With V3, you can build personalized dictionaries of keywords and phrases in addition to using the default dictionary of most common keywords and phrases. 

New: Voice Fingerprint
Add a “voice fingerprint” for each team member answering your phones.

The process of familiarizing Patient Prism’s AI with each team member’s unique voice has been made easy for each Patient Prism user. By analyzing unique vocal characteristics, our advanced algorithms create a one-of-a-kind identifier that accurately links phone call interactions to the appropriate agent. This way, the individual’s exceptional performance can be rewarded, and you can identify opportunities for coaching.


New: Achievement Board
Foster a culture of collaboration and motivation within your team.

Easily track and celebrate the efforts of your teams with our new gamification feature. Team members earn badges for achieving established benchmarks. You can reward their best efforts by recognizing their contributions and the positive behaviors that help your practice grow, contributions such as answering a greater percentage of calls, completing follow-up calls, and successfully booking more appointments.

New: Outbound Call Tracking & Analytics
You asked, and we delivered.

After seven years of analyzing inbound calls, we’re introducing Patient Prism Outbound to meet client demand for visibility into outbound follow-up calls. Now you can see both the inbound and outbound conversations leading to booked appointments or lost opportunities. Most of our clients have requested visibility on outbound efforts, not simply for follow-ups but for all types of outbound calls including recall and re-activation.

Imagine being able to track and analyze the success of your outbound efforts and optimize your strategies based on intelligence derived from AI.

The Patient Prism Team has been just amazing in pulling together to make this release possible. Our customers are absolutely wonderful. Many participated in the Beta testing phase of V3 and provided valuable feedback to guide development. 

To all our current and future clients, I say thank you for choosing our software as your preferred solution. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to helping you grow into full implementation of V3’s features.

—Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism

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