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Dipesh Patel, DMD and CEO of Blueprint Smiles Dental Group, says, “[Patient Prism] is constantly teaching our teammates how to answer the calls better, and that’s actually leading to a better ROI on our marketing.”

Why Blueprint Smiles Chose Patient Prism

Dr. Dipesh Patel was concerned about how well the front desk team members engaged with new patients over the phone. He wanted a way to measure conversion performance and motivate accountability.

“There are a lot of KPIs you can build in and you can try to track. But ultimately if you don’t know how they’re engaging with your first line for patients, then you’re probably losing a lot of money at the door,” he said.

Ultimately, the automated training provided by the Patient Prism platform and its performance measurement were the reason why Blueprint Smiles chose Patient Prism. According to Patel, it helped bring new employees on board and up to speed. This was especially important with the 2023 employee turnover that has occurred throughout the industry.

“Patient Prism is constantly self-teaching our teammates how to answer the calls better, and that’s actually leading to a better ROI on our marketing,” said Patel, who considers Patient Prism an essential element of his marketing budget because it is low cost and decreases the need to do more expensive advertising and team coaching.

Implementing Patient Prism Was Easy

“We utilize a lot of technology in our company, so our teammates were accustomed to having to integrate new software. I think out of all the companies that we’ve used in the last two years, integrating Patient Prism has been a seamless process,” Dr. Patel said. “It’s so, so clean that you don’t have to have much training from the support side.

“I’d say you can almost pick it up today and start using it tomorrow. You have helped as much as we need. But because you’ve built [Patient Prism] well enough, if we were to add a new office without that help tomorrow, I think we could still integrate it efficiently.”

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