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Patient Prism® helps dental practices grow faster and more cost-efficiently. We do so by reducing lost revenue.

Dental practices spend money to make their phones ring, then they often fail to convert callers into new patients.

We provide software that helps monitor and manage the way your staff handles inbound phone calls. We also provide training to improve the performance of your staff.

Patient Prism® is the only provider of call-tracking software that:

  • Uses patent-pending call visualization technology, so you don’t have to listen to individual calls. (CallViz™)
  • Alerts your office within 1 hour of a failure to convert a new-patient call into a booked appointment.
  • Provides deep insight into patients’ spoken words and correlates them to booked & unbooked appointments. (CallViz Keyword Cloud)
  • Offers a comprehensive online learning management system (academy.patientprism.com).
  • Focuses exclusively on serving dental practices.

For 20 years, we’ve studied how to help dental practices grow

From accounting to marketing to call-tracking software

Since the early 2000s, Patient Prism’s founders have worked with hundreds of dental practices. We started in the role of certified public accountants. As CPAs, we prepared the books of diverse practices.

That experience helped us see the differences between thriving practices and others where growth had stalled.

We saw how fast patient attrition can cause a practice to shrink. It happens unless the practice constantly invests in marketing to win new patients.


Marketing services

So for several years, we offered marketing services to dental practices. We built and managed websites. We ran pay-per-click ad campaigns.

From that experience, we saw which marketing investments consistently deliver high returns. More important, we saw how many practices waste money on marketing that doesn't pay back its cost.

To our surprise, we saw that many practices waste money even on tactics that generate plenty of inquiries. 

Although the phones ring often, inbound calls don’t bring in enough new patients.

The waste occurs if dental practices don’t monitor how effectively their front-office staff manages incoming phone calls. 


Call-tracking software

With that insight, we switched our focus to help dentists manage calls from potential new patients.

Working with dentists, we developed and tested patent-pending technologies to measure key performance metrics.

Today, Patient Prism’s software shows which marketing investments generate the highest-value phone calls from potential new patients.

The technology enables busy practices to convert more of these callers into patients.

Now dental offices can increase their revenue growth without necessarily spending more on marketing.

And they can do so without spending hours listening to recordings of entire phone calls.

Moreover, Patient Prism® allows practices a golden second chance to make a first impression.

When the office fails to book a new-patient appointment, the system sends the practice an alert within an hour.

The system recommends specific training videos to watch before calling the patient back.

The goal of the follow-up call is to persuade the caller to reconsider.

Patients are pleased to receive such calls. Some decide to book an appointment. 

That's valuable.

We know that Patient Prism’s software, methodology, and training work. They are in use at more than 150 dental offices.

We use them ourselves to manage the entire business operations of a successful dental practice.

Patient Prism’s purpose

We’re here to help dental practices grow. With our help, they can do so by focusing on the right business metrics and by taking the right actions to win new patients or recover lost ones.

Our promise

We promise that Patient Prism® will offer our dental practices the best visibility into their front office operations.

Patient Prism® at a glance


Company Focus

Helping dental practices of all sizes grow by attracting more new patients

Company Motto

People Before Profits


Tampa, Florida

Year Founded



More than 150 U.S. dental offices of all sizes

Leadership Team

Amol Nirgudkar, CPA, CGMA

Co-founder & CEO


Amol Nirgudkar helps dentists grow their practices and reach their goals.  

He is in an unusual position to offer practical insights. As a certified public accountant, business consultant, author, entrepreneur, and former owner of several dental practices, he has 20 years of experience working with dental practices, both large and small.  

Through the three companies he founded, Amol has served more than 500 dentists across the United States. Through his work, Amol saw firsthand a growth challenge that all dental practices face. No matter how successfully they may market their practice, they lose many new patients because their front office is ineffective in handling phone inquiries. 

To help solve that problem, he founded Patient Prism® in 2015 as the world's first immersive call visualization platform. The software uses both machine learning and American call coaches to evaluate the way dental offices handle phone calls in near real time.

Amol co-invented the patented and patent-pending technologies used in Patient Prism®. One eliminates the need to listen to recorded phone calls by providing the information visually. The other technology details specific words spoken by the patient during the call so dentists and managers know which services callers are requesting. Amol continues to work with artificial intelligence and machine learning to help dentists build commercially successful practices. 

Amol has also written several articles and e-books, and published a paperback book called Profitable Niches in General Dentistry (2014).

In his spare time, Amol also runs a quantitative hedge fund and travels the country with his 13-year-old piano prodigy daughter to piano competitions. 

Mike Spiessbach

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer


Mike is a founding partner of both Patient Prism® LLC and Academy.PatientPrism.com. He is also founder of LogixKore.com, a company that secured several million dollars of contracts from Fortune 500 companies and government during its first year of operations. 

Mike has held executive positions in software development, sales, and marketing at Gateway, CompUSA, and AVI-SPL.

Over the last 20 years, he has provided industry-leading solutions for multiple fortune 500 companies and many small businesses.

Mike is an expert in analyzing inbound phone calls from new customers. Over his career, he has personally analyzed more than a million such calls. 

Mike has dedicated the last two years to developing the Patient Prism® cloud-based software.

Deborah E. Bush

Director of Content

Debbie Bush headshot

With over 30 years of experience in both technical and marketing communications management, for the dental and financial software industries, Deb is dedicated to strategic content development for Patient Prism® LLC and Academy.PatientPrism.com.

Deb previously served as a Partner & Director of Content at Dentist Profit Systems LLC, the Director of Communications for the Preeclampsia Foundation, Director of Communications for The Pankey Institute, and Publications Manager of CS Thomson Reuters.

Robin Morrison

Director of Academy.PatientPrism.com Learning Management System


Robin Morrison's, Director of academy.patientprism.com Learning Management System, passion for dentistry and health care, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, lead her to become the founder of two successful companies. She is the president of RLM Healthcare Marketing & Consulting, Inc., founded in 1997, and Dental Consultant Connection, founded in 2011.

Robin began her career in dentistry in 1981, working in an exceptional dental practice as an office administrator and marketing director.

In 2012, Robin teamed up with Linda Miles to form Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. (OCC), a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. As founders of OCC and partners in additional dental projects, Robin and Linda have worked tirelessly to form an organization that  financially assists oral cancer patients and their families, while creating awareness about oral cancer.

Beth Gaddis

Vice President of Marketing

Beth Gaddis Patient Prism
Beth Gaddis is passionate about connecting patients with dentists.

As the marketing director for two large DSOs, she designed marketing campaigns, online reputation strategies, in-office training materials, and new websites for hundreds of dentists across the country.

As the Vice President of Marketing at Patient Prism®, she helps dentists understand if their marketing efforts are working and how they can convert more callers into new patient appointments.

Prior to dental marketing, Beth was a journalist who worked at the CBS affiliate in Boston, the ABC affiliate in Tampa, and at the Tampa Tribune newspaper. 

Vic Hennegan

Director of Sales

Vic Hennegan
For more than a decade, Vic has helped drive new patient acquisition in dental practices. Prior to joining Patient Prism®, he was a Senior Sales Executive with Futuredontics and co-founder of the DSO Leadership Summit conference for emerging and established groups seeking to scale operations.

Company Values


Customer success

Customer value


Continuous improvement




Continuous learning






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