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Invest in tactics that work.

Don’t waste money on ones that don’t.

Visualize the effectiveness of your marketing tactics and channels

A simple dashboard shows which of your marketing investments produce the most revenue.

Patient Prism® also tracks the number and value of opportunities won and lost for each tactic or channel.

See how many callers hung up after getting lost in your automated phone-answering tree.

Measure which marketing channels deliver the highest-value calls.

Identify the words your callers use to describe what they want

How many of the people who call your office ask about false teeth versus dentures? Or tooth bleaching versus whitening?  

How many ask if your practice is in network for their insurance carrier?

And how many call for emergency appointments during holidays?  

The Patient Prism® Keyword Cloud can tell you all this and more.

It tracks the words callers use to describe the services they want.

You can see how often callers spoke a relevant word or phrase. You can see who spoke them. You can even see which callers became patients and which did not.

When you know such details, you can create more effective advertising and search-engine marketing.

You can also see which new services are likely to attract more patients.  

Improve service and increase revenue with better staffing

Patient Prism® tracks the way your practice handles all incoming calls. It provides data on:

  • Calls that go to voicemail during business hours
  • Callers who hang up before someone picks up the phone
  • Callers who hang up in frustration with your automated phone-answering tree
  • Conversations that lead to a first appointment
  • Conversations that don’t lead to an appointment.

You can also see who on your staff is handling calls well and who is not.

The system shows you the times of day and the days of the week when your staff is slower to answer calls. With this information, you can rearrange work schedules.

When you provide a higher level of service, you book more appointments.

Patient Prism® is much more than software for tracking incoming phone calls.

"Through Patient Prism, we know exactly where patients called from. When you look at Patient Prism, it says the patient’s name. It says whether the patient was converted or not. It says how they found us, whether it was billboard number one, billboard number two, or whatever caused them to call."

Dr. Nilash Patel
Dr. Nilash Patel, DDS
Serenity Dental.
3 offices in Tampa, FL

"We like how Patient Prism tracks the common words new patients use when they call our office. That information helps with our SEO."

Dr. Kenneth Rubenstein, DDS
Dr. Kenneth Rubenstein, DDS
SEDA Dental.
6 office in South Florida
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