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When potential new patients call but don't book an appointment, it's no longer game over.

Now you can get an alert to call the person back right away, with advice on what to say.

Quickly see how much revenue you’ve lost

When a potential new patient calls and doesn’t book an appointment, Patient Prism® assumes the revenue is lost or at risk.

For any services the caller asks about, Patient Prism® checks your fee schedule and tallies the amount of revenue you’ve lost. For example:

  • Suppose the caller inquired about three implants. Patient Prism® does the math: 3 implants X $5,000 (from your fee schedule) = $15,000 in lost revenue.
  • Suppose the caller inquired about five veneers: 5 veneers X $700 = $3,500 in lost revenue.
Take fast action to win back new patients

For each new patient you’ve lost, Patient Prism® sends a near real-time alert by SMS or email.

The alert suggests that someone call the person back immediately. Your goal is to try again to book an appointment.

With Patient Prism’s patent-pending call visualization, you can go straight to the parts of the recorded call where your staff lost the opportunity.

You can also read a brief call analysis by a human call coach at Patient Prism®. The coach offers tips for how the call agent can reverse the loss.

Patient Prism® is much more than software for tracking incoming phone calls.

"What really got my attention is that it sends an email to someone when the office has missed an opportunity. It says, ‘Hey, you blew an opportunity worth $1,500 or $10,000. Go see if you can retrieve this patient.’ That, to me, is huge."

Donald Whamond, CTO
Donald Whamond, CTO
Dental Associates (DSO).
14 offices in Wisconsin.

"When a phone call comes in for a call-center agent and there’s a missed opportunity, the supervisor at the call center is alerted by someone else who is auditing the phone calls."

Armando Yanez, CMO
Armando Yanez, CMO
Blackford Dental Management (DSO).
27 practices in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey:
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