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See where your staff needs training.
Then train them efficiently.

Patient Prism® identifies the behaviors each staff member should improve. Then it suggests individualized training.

Hone the skills that make your staff more effective

For each staff member who takes a call, Patient Prism® suggests training videos to improve future performance.

Your team can view the videos online, within the Patient Prism® system.

You can track how individuals benefit from the training. You can see changes in their performance over time.

Develop your staff with a dentistry-focused learning system

For added training, provide team access to hundreds of hours of short instructional videos through Academy.PatientPrism.com.

Assign individualized training programs, then see how people follow them.

Measure changes to skills and knowledge before and after training.

Recognize top performers

Track and compare the performance of individuals.
Recognize and encourage them when they do well.

Patient Prism® is much more than software for tracking incoming phone calls.

"The value of Patient Prism's learning management system to our office, from a one to 10, is a 10, because there's some visual aspect to it."

Dr. Nilash Patel
Dr. Nilash Patel, DDS
Serenity Dental.
3 offices in Tampa, FL
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