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Understand which staff behaviors cause your practice to lose new patients.

Know why new callers didn’t book a first appointment.
You needn’t spend hours listening to recorded calls.

Understand points of failure without listening to entire calls.

About an hour after each call, see comments posted by a human coach. The comments map to which parts of the call went well and which went poorly.

See key information about the calls at a glance, in near real time

Patient Prism® provides insight about the calls, so you can prompt your team to call back immediately and handle the call better:

  • Which staff member or agent took the call.
  • The date, time, and duration of the call, so you can evaluate your staffing schedule.
  • The phone number and city of the caller, so you can call them back.
  • The exact words each caller used to describe what they want, so you can estimate the value of the opportunity.
Change staff behaviors that cost you new patients.

Patient Prism® tracks the behavior of each staff member who takes incoming calls. You can provide detailed feedback and relevant training videos to improve future performance.

Patient Prism® is much more than software for tracking incoming phone calls.

"With Patient Prism, we get a recording of each new-patient call. And we could see where the good, the bad, and the ugly occurred. We see it within a few minutes of the call.

As a supervisor, I don’t have time to listen to the whole call. I can just listen to segments. That, to me, is critical. It’s like a kind of laser beam.

You can use Patient Prism both ways, to praise people and to find coaching opportunities."

Donald Whamond, CTO
Donald Whamond, CTO
Dental Associates (DSO)
14 dental offices in Wisconsin.

"You don’t know how your front desk is doing, because you’re always in the back. Are they answering the phone calls? A number of patients are calling, but how many are coming in? You are getting good phone calls, but you still have bad ones. How are you training your employees to correct those mistakes?"

Dr. Nilash Patel, DDS
Dr. Nilash Patel, DDS
Serenity Dental
3 offices in Tampa, FL

"The greatest advantage, and truly the one the call center has expressed the greatest interest in, is the ability to audit phone calls in real time."

Armando Yanez, CMO
Armando Yanez, CMO
Blackford Dental Management (DSO).
27 practices in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey
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