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On average Patient Prism helps you schedule more first-time patients by 30%

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Here Is What's Included In
All Our Plans

Dental Practice Software for Patient Call Tracking

Track New-Patient calls

Patient Prism allows you to easily record and analyze all new patient calls.

Receive real-time feedback on your patient calls for your dental practice

Receive fast call Feedback

Within 30 minutes of each call, understand what prevented the patient from being scheduled.

Dental Software to Identify High dollar patients

Identify High-Value Patients

Our software takes advantage of artificial intelligence, identifying the dollar value of your caller in real-time.

DSO Dental Support Organization Software Solution

Analyze Revenue Opportunities

When new patient calls don’t lead to appointments Patient Prism shows you how to win them over.

Track Your Dental Marketing Efforts with Patient Prism

Analyze Marketing Initiatives

Instantly spot which strategies produce the most revenue.

Dental Practice Reports for Patient Calls and Marketing

User-Friendly Dashboards & Data Analysis

Quickly identify important metrics, without having to listen to calls.

How to improve your team performance for your dental practice

coach your team effectively

Through both, Patient Prism's personalized call-coaching and the Patient Prism Academy.

Dental Practice Team Management Software

Track your team's performance

Reward your top performers and provide instant training to struggling team members.

Free Dental Management and Marketing Resources

Complimentary Tutorials & Resources

All our customers receive exclusive access to resources provided by the dental industry’s top experts.

Reporting for Dental Practices


View patient-call reports in real-time and receive daily summaries.

Patient Prism Pricing

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All new customers need to buy services to get started on the right foot with your efforts. Patient Prism is much more than just using a software to get reach your goals; it’s about transforming your business to create a service people love. That’s much easier to do in the thriving ecosystem of Patient Prism customer training programs, and with the personal support of our famously passionate industry experts and consultants.

Patient Prism contracts are billed annually or monthly. However, we’ve found that customers who can commit to a full year of using Patient Prism will be more successful in the long run. And since your long-term success is our goal, we want to encourage those practices that support that goal.

All Patient Prism customers have access to the Patient Prism Academy at or for support. In addition, Patient Prism customer support specialists are available to answer your questions through chat, email, or phone.

Over 900 Dental Practices use
Patient Prism to ACQUIRE AND MANAGE their new patients

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Riccobene Family Dentistry | Patient Prism Partner
Smile Design Dentistry | Patient Prism Partner
Renken Dentistry | Patient Prism Partner
New England Dental Group | Patient Prism Partner
NC Pediatric Dentistry | Patient Prism Partner