Patient Prism's call tracking platform & AI Call Coaching

The conversational intelligence of Patient Prism’s AI includes the patient’s name; key highlights of the conversation; commentary on how the agent engaged with the patient; recommendations on what the agent could have done differently to book the appointment; and caller and agent sentiment.

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Real-time data shows call conversions, revenue opportunities, call volume by day and by hour, voicemails, hang-ups, reasons not booked, and how new patients are finding you.

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Patient Prism tracks keywords and phrases you enter in a customized dictionary. Don’t you want to see the metrics on all “implant” calls that came in?

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Never miss an opportunity to schedule a high-value patient again

ROI Return on Investment Tracking for Dental Practices
  • Identify new patient call’s financial value in real-time
  • Know exactly how much revenue your practice is missing out on
  • Track the performance of your front desk team with easy to use dashboards
  • Let your team focus on the callers that generate the highest revenue

Increase conversion rates on calls and follow-ups by 30% or more

Opportunity Alerts | Call Tracking Software for Dental Practices
  • It provides you with reasons why you didn’t book
  • Discover how many new patient calls you’re missing – and how to win them back
  • Check which members of your team are performing best
  • Discover why your ideal patients are not scheduling – and how to fix it
  • Provide your team with data-driven guidelines to improve your conversions over the phone

Know exactly what your patients are calling about

  • Keywords and unique phone numbers provide deep-analytics on marketing attribution
  • See the most asked questions and use the data to adjust marketing strategies and budgets
  • Make operational and business growth decisions based on micro-metrics
Dental Software with Artificial Intelligence
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Case Study: Washington Smiles

Their team used a call tracking company for years, but rarely listened to the call recordings because it was so time-consuming. They needed a solution that could:
  • Quickly tell them how their team was performing
  • Improve their call-scheduling success rate
  • Track revenue opportunities per phone call

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