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Women in DSO® (WinDSO) Inaugural Event Interviews

enjoy these 10 interviews with patient prism's ceo, amol nirgudkar, and dental industry leaders and technology innovators

In this series, Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism, discussed growth by adopting A.I. and technology in DSOs with DSO leadership and dental technology companies that are building platforms for DSOs. Patient Prism is very proud to be a supporter of the WinDSO organization.

Dental Solutions by Ellie Naderi - 11 minutes

Ellie Naderi, CEO

Naderi advocates going slow to go fast. Before acquiring offices, CEOs first need to develop the functional areas to optimally support the platform.

“I’ll literally make everyone hop into a virtual boat, hand them the paddle, and say, ‘This is the direction we’re going. This is what we’re trying to accomplish.’”

The Aspen Group (TAG) - 13 minutes

Jahnavi Rao, DDS, MS

Dr. Rao received the Award for Clinical Excellence at the inaugural meeting of WinDSO in Las Vegas, March 2022.

It was at this meeting that Nirgudkar and Rao came together to discuss the higher standard of oral health that results from orthodontics and the development of a significant education program for all Aspen Dental dentists.

Revolutionary Tribes - 5 minutes

Jodi Evans, CEO

Revolutionary Tribes builds a custom, strategic plan for each client to help them scale their vision and get to where they want to go.
“This is how I think about it. You’ve got to see people first. The strengths they show up with are a platform…”
Supply Clinic - 9 minutes

scott drucker, dmd, president

Supply Clinic streamlines the process of ordering supplies, organizing purchasing data, and paying vendors.

“When you think that a typical DSO is purchasing from close to two dozen different companies, our procurement suite, saves them time.”

Zentist - 7 minutes

Sina Amiri, VP

Zentist’s A.I. can log into the payer portals and download the explanations of benefits (EOBs) and pull ERA/835 data from the clearing houses.

“Historically, you had to assign a team member to call the payers. The caller is limited to the number of inquiries that they can make and you’re stuck in these call clicks.”

The Aspen Dental Group (TAG) - 20 minutes

Gina Bruzzichesi, COO

Nirgudkar prompts Bruzzichesi to talk about being a woman COO in a very large DSO.

“We have a concept at Aspen where we are Aspen One. We all work together for the common purpose of bringing access to care, changing more lives, and bringing smiles to more people’s faces.”

Fischer's Professional Group - 7 minutes

Dee Fischer, CEO

Fischer’s Professional Group (FPG), helps DSOs scale to larger organizations. They help DSOs create systems and develop passion and accountability among their managers and doctors, so they can more effectively lead their teams.

“My dad taught me one thing – always stay humble. Leave ego out of everything you do in life and be a servant leader.”

Dykema DSO Industry Group - 11 minutes

brian colao, director
+ windso board member

Colao’s 1st thought when asked to be involved on the board of WinDSO by Dr. Aman Kaur and Kathleen Titus:

“I’m honored to do it, but we have to back it up. We can’t just talk about it, we have to do great things!”

Vyne Dental - 10 minutes

Vance Taylor, CGO

Vyne Dental provides efficiencies in the billing and collections process while improving the  patient experience.

“Right off the bat, we drastically reduce the number of phone calls these individuals have to make to figure out why a claim has aged out.

United Dental Corporation USA - 7 minutes

Dr. Ray Khouri, Founder

In the last twelve months, Dr. Khouri has focused on replicating his DPO model in the United States with the launch of United Dental Corporation USA (UDC).

“Doctors are the same everywhere… They’re driven by the same fears, and they want to be successful. It’s not unique to any one particular country.”

“We want to make this a platform to promote and assist those women (85% of DSO employees).

We want to help advance women to C-suite-level and to board-level positions and beyond.”

– Dr. Aman Kaur
Founder and President, Women in DSO (WinDSO)

Dr. aman kaur

President, WinDSO

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