Patient Prism Diligence

Helping Dental Investors, Practices & Groups Limit Risks & Remove Barriers to Growth

Uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your expansion potential. 

Obtain Accurate Data for Precise Valuations

What Is The Practice Really Worth?

Do you know how much revenue the practice is missing and why?

Whether you are a private equity investor or a strategic buyer, you want to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a prospective investment.

If you are on the sell side, you want to leverage your strengths, remedy weaknesses, and take advantage of opportunities to increase valuation.

Our AI machine-learning models have been trained over 12 million human-coached calls


Coached Calls

Over 95% accurate in predicting true leads and corresponding booking status



Opportunity Alerts | Call Tracking Software for Dental Practices

Direct patient marketing is the #1 channel for growth & healthy EBITDA

..but only if it yields results

Know when and where to spend your marketing dollars to yield results with Patient Prism Diligence. Understand your Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and make smarter marketing decisions.

Qualified Leads

The most precise measurement of CPL and CPA by accurately qualifying leads into the right buckets.

campaign cpa

Patient Prism Diligence enables you to understand your CPA for each ad campaign.

quality leads

Enabling you to assess accurately both the quantity and quality of your leads.

Discover and manage scheduling and capacity issues.

Patient Prism clients have utilized our AI-enabled real-time capacity-management models to design and quickly implement strategies like adding providers, removing insurance obstacles, optimizing schedules, and booking patients at sister locations.

Grow Your Business by 30%

Patient Prism helps your teams convert qualified leads they proactively called back.

Determine and remedy gaps in phone agent training.

Rapidly fill open appointments with real time cancellations.

Measure your true potential to increase new patient bookings.

Brian Colao

Member & Director of the Dental Service Organizations Industry Group at Dykema

“For sellers and buyers in the dental practice market, Patient Prism’s Patient Diligence is a must-have tool. It’s like a trusted compass for sellers, helping them navigate the transition process smoothly. And for buyers, it’s like a reliable magnifying glass, uncovering hidden opportunities. With PatientPrism, both parties can confidently achieve success in dental practice transitions.”

Start boosting your new patient revenue by 30% or more!

  • New Patient Schedule Rate
  • Existing Patient Schedule Rate (optional)
  • Missed Call Report
  • Cost per Lead Calculation
  • Cost per Acquisition Calculation (by campaign if requested)
  • Agent Scheduling Performance Report 
  • Agent Call Basics Report 
  • Booking Performance by Office
  • Cancellations by Office
  • Scheduled Lead Time by Office 
  • Reasons Not Booked by Office (scheduling, pricing, insurance)

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