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Add thousands of dollars in revenue for each dental office you manage. 

Patient Prism® helps you turn more callers into patients.

See how much revenue you could add by booking just a few more new patients each month.
Calculate your new patient revenue Example Practice Your Practice
Your current number of new patient visits per month 30
Your average revenue for the first visit of a new patient $
Your average annual production revenue per patient $

If you increase your new patient visits per month by , then you generate:

Example Practice Your Practice
Additional first-visit revenue from ___ new patients annually
Additional production revenue from ___ new patients annually

See How One Practice Increased New Patients by 90%

Don’t delay. The sooner you see what Patient Prism® can do, the sooner you can see results in your practice.

Add thousands of dollars a month in revenue.

Our calculator is conservative. It’s designed to show how adding just a small number of additional patients a month can add up fast. Most dental offices using Patient Prism® achieve substantial new patient gains of more than 30% during their first six months with Patient Prism®, with several achieving far more.

Take fast action to recover new patients who didn't book
  • Receive an alert within about an hour of each call, detailing why the patient did not book.
  • Quickly see where calls go wrong, without having to listen to each recording.
  • Discover which services patients requested during the call.
  • Review coaching notes that Patient Prism® provides for each call.
  • Access hundreds of training videos to improve your team's skills.
See which marketing strategies are working
  • Identify which marketing channels produce the most revenue.
  • Determine ROI on individual marketing campaigns.
  • Track callers' page views on your website.
  • Create comprehensive reports and analytics.