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Calculate your new patient revenue Example Practice Your Practice
Your current number of new patient visits per month 30
Your average revenue for the first visit of a new patient $
Your average annual production revenue per patient $

If you increase your new patient visits per month by , then you generate:

Example Practice Your Practice
Additional first-visit revenue from ___ new patients annually
Additional production revenue from ___ new patients annually

Add thousands of dollars a month in revenue.

Our calculator is conservative. It’s designed to show how adding just a small number of additional patients a month can add up fast. Most dental offices using Patient Prism® achieve substantial new patient gains of more than 30% during their first six months with Patient Prism®, with several achieving far more.

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Discover how Patient Prism® turns more callers into booked appointments.
Have you ever hired a dental consultant to help your front desk team? The consultant typically listens to several phone calls, conducts mystery shopper calls, and provides important analysis and coaching tips on how your team can improve their customer service skills.

Now imagine that you had that analysis and coaching for every new patient call.
Learn how to address callers’ concerns so more people say yes.
Patient Prism’s software does more than identify missed new patient appointment opportunities. It gives you the data you need to act on those opportunities. With Patient Prism®, you:

  • Understand why the caller did not schedule an appointment
  • Realize the lost revenue associated with that missed opportunity, based on your fee schedule for the services the caller requested
  • Receive coaching tips so your team can call back the potential patient, address the concerns, and convert the caller into a new patient appointment
The future growth of your dental practice depends on your front office staff. For the practices we’ve worked with, adding 5 more new patients a month is typically the minimum number achieved.

See how Patient Prism® has helped other dental offices.

Patient Prism® increases new-patient growth at dental offices of all sizes. Most dental practices gain at least than 30% new-patient growth during their first six months with Patient Prism®, with several achieving far more.



Several factors influence the number of new patients you can add each month. Here are a few:

  • The size and demographics of your market
  • The intensity of your competition
  • How much you spend on marketing
  • How effectively you spend your marketing budget
  • Your production capacity

Don’t let your marketing dollars go to waste. Potential patients are taking the time to call your dental office. Discover how your team can turn more of those callers into new patient appointments, production, and revenue.

See How One Practice Increased New Patients by 90%