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What Christopher Columbus Knew About Practice Management Software

After a fascinating discussion between host Ryan Vet and dental industry executive Andy Jensen, Ryan showcases a call from Patient Prism and discusses how these types of calls can be converted into booked appointments.

October 8, 2018|The Dental Experience with Ryan Vet

The Day Insurance Billing Changed a Life

About 20 minutes into this podcast, Ryan Vet interviews Patient Prism CEO Amol Nirgudkar about one of the most common hurdles to booking a new patient: insurance.

September 24, 2018|The Dental Experience with Ryan Vet

All Dental Marketing Goes Through the Front Desk

When engaging in a marketing initiative, dental practices are well advised to consider what might be their weakest link. In this regard the biggest culprit, somewhat surprisingly, is often the front desk. The author recommends Patient Prism to solve the problem and help practices convert more callers into booked appointments.

September 20, 2018|Dentistry IQ

Opportunity is Calling with Amol Nirgudkar of Patient Prism

The phone is one of the most important tools in the dental office. Dr. John and Wendy talk with Amol Nigudkar about barriers the patients encounter from the phone to your chair. Take action with your reception desk to solve the conversion problem, grab the low hanging fruit and get those callers into your office!

September 10, 2018|The Team Training Institute with Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs

People Are Calling: Philosophy, Phones & More with Amol Nirgudkar

In this episode Ryan Vet interviews guest, Amol Nirgudkar on the dental podcast. You will hear four core principles Amol has carried to all of his business ventures from being a CPA to owning dental practices to his current role as CEO of Patient Prism. This episode also contains a real phone call between a patient and the staff as well as exclusive audio from a child prodigy musician.

September 9, 2018|The Dental Experience with Ryan Vet

Phone Calls: Are You Losing Patients at Hello?

When a new patient decides to call your office, you have a split second to impress the person. Discover why you're losing money when you pick up your phone - and how to fix the problem.

August 10, 2018|Dental Economics with Ryan Vet

Can Artificial Intelligence Put More Patients in Your Chair?

On The Thriving Dentist Show, Gary Takacs talks to Patient Prism CEO Amol Nirgudkar about how dental practices are using Artificial Intelligence, natural lanuage processing, and other new technology to improve business analytics and provide better care to patients.

August 6, 2018|The Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs

A Recap of the 2018 DEO Summit

Patient Prism was a premier sponsor of the 2018 DESO Summit: The Future of Group Dentistry. More than 500 attendees from all of the United States and Canada gathered to experience top-notch speakers on the many aspects of group dentistry and patient care.

June 1, 2018|GroupDentistryNow.com

4 Ways to Create a Starbucks-style Experience

How did Starbucks grow from a small Seattle company into one of the most beloved brands in the world with stores in 75 countries? By focusing on four core values. Dentists and practice owners can focus on these same four values to build their own brand and create a patient base of fans who will tell their friends and family about you and keep coming back.

March 15, 2018|DrBicuspid.com

4 Ways to Increase New Patients Without Increasing Marketing

Dental expert Kevin Henry interviews Amol Nirgudkar, co-founder and CEO of Patient Prism, for 4 steps you can take to increase the number of new patients without also increasing marketing spending. They discuss easy to implement strategies to help your front desk succeed.

February 28, 2018|Sikka Blog

Patient Prism Receives Patent for CallViz Analyzer

Patient Prism, a call-tracking and call-coaching service for dental offices, announced its first U.S. utility patent. The company’s CallViz® Analyzer provides a visual representation of new patient calls that do not end in appointments, pinpointing call-handling concerns and providing coaching tips to correct common mistakes.

February 5, 2018|Dental Compare

You Should Know Patient Prism

Patient Prism CEO Amol Nirgudkar is profiled in Dentaltown's "You Should Know" feature. Learn how his first career uniquely positioned him to identify a problem just about every dental practice experiences, and the solution to fix it.

January 2, 2018|Dentaltown Magazine

Front Office Conversions with Amol Nirgukdar

Are you measuring what you want to manage? Most dental practices don't know how many potential new patients are hanging up the phone without booking an appointment. Discover how Patient Prism takes a different approach to making sure your team is converting more callers into new patients.

August 23, 2017|Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran