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Serenity Dental Case Study

Fast-Growing Dental Practice Plugs a ‘Leak’ in Its Marketing, Increases New-Patient Bookings by 90% in 2 Months. See how a thriving independent dental practice found a profitable way to grow much faster--with fewer office locations.

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Dental Practice Guide to Winning New Patients on the Phone

Dental Practice Guide to Winning New Patients on the Telephone: Ideas for Dentists and Practice Leaders. Learn how to fix the hidden bottleneck in growing your dental practice.

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Front Desk Guide to Booking More Appointments with New Dental Patients

Provide great service to new dental patients. Deliver great value. And grow in your job as the practice grows. Be a rock star.

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Marketing Waste

How Well-Managed Dental Practices Waste 30% to 80% of Their Marketing Budget (And 14 Ways to Stop the Hemorrhaging). Learn how to grow your dental practice faster and more affordably, without spending more on marketing.

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