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Jen Butler: Coping Methods for Psychological Stress

It's easy to set limits on ourselves by thinking we are not capable of doing something. For example, "I can't go back to school... I can't do implants... She won't accept this treatment."

"What you tell yourself, you believe," says Stress Management and Business Consultant Jen Butler. We need to choose wisely what we say to ourselves, what we believe about ourselves, and what we believe about the world around us. "Because this type of stress is called psychological stress and it's solely in your mind."  

Fortunately, there are four coping methods for psychological stress.

Challenge Your Beliefs 

First and foremost, you must challenge your belief system, which means having friends, colleagues, even people on social media that diametrically oppose you. "This is something we're not very good about," says Butler. "We like to surround ourselves with people that make us feel validated and comfortable, because that feels good. When we have people in our lives that oppose us, that challenge us, it triggers our stress response and we want to get away from that. But, it's actually a good thing. It's helping us view the world in a different way than how we perceive it."


The next coping method is self-development. You can read books, take courses, and listen to webinars that expand your knowledge and view of yourself and the world.

Butler recommends meditation and self-reflection. "If you don't go internal, you're not going to address your psychological stress. You can't go to the gym and exercise away your psychological stress. You can't lay on the couch and relax your body and get rid of your psychological stress," says Butler. "It actually takes internal coping methods to address an internal problem. 

No Post-It Notes 

Butler tells us that when she goes into her office or kitchen, she doesn't want to see multiple post-it notes. Having multiple displayed notes creates chaos for the brain. It triggers our stress response.

"I'm sure you feel that little rush of panic, adrenaline, whatever it might be, but you feel a little twitching of some chemical flooding through your veins. That's cortisol because your stress response is being triggered by simply what you see," says Butler, who recommends using a digital calendar, notepad or journal where you can write things down in one place that you can easily share with other people.

Increase Curiosity

Butler says we need to proactively increase our level of curiosity. Ask yourself why you have a limiting belief about yourself or your world. This will help you develop the habit of challenging yourself. If you ask others why they believe something so you can reflect on it and learn from it, smile and lean in. Don't make it sound like a challenge but rather a question born out of true curiosity with open body language.  

About this Industry Leader:

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Jen Butler, M.Ed, BCC

Stress Management and Business Consultant, JB Partners Inc.

Jen Butler is the founder and CEO of JB Partners, a SMaRT (Stress Management and Resiliency Training) firm dedicated to the success of leaders and teams and the long-term sustainable profitability of businesses. Building on her MEd in educational psychology and 25+ years of experience, Jen is a Certified Coach (Center for Credentialing and Education; and International Coach Federation), a Certified Book Yourself Solid (TM) Consultant (Michael Port), a Kolbe System Certified Consultant, and a Nationally Trained and Certified Presenter, who is also IAS Certified. As a dental consultant and then dental executive coach, she has worked with dental professionals to reduce stress, identify areas of opportunity, set actionable goals and enjoy more fulfillment. She travels throughout the United States to provide leaders, teams, and businesses with one-on-one onsite guidance in managing stress, turning around their business, and achieving real, long-lasting results.

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