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Don't Let Walk-Ins Destroy Your Schedule

Walk-ins can be a good thing if you have opening in your schedule. They can help you make scheduling and production goals. But you do want to be cautious about letting walk-ins come in and interrupt your day if you really don’t have room in your schedule. They can put you behind and make patients who have scheduled their appointments wait.

Doing Favors Can Lead to Chronic “Bad” Behavior

“Some patients become chronic walk-ins,” says dental consultant Robin Morrison, and if they are always accommodated, they think they don’t need to schedule their appointments in advance. Be sure to let them know that scheduled patients do get precedence over them.”

A Domino Effect

Morrison has observed in dental practices that if you make other patients wait, they are going to learn this behavior and not respect your time. They may start coming late for their appointments. This creates a domino effect that is not ideal for staying on schedule.



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