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Turn Missed Opportunities Into New Patients

Christina Villarreal is the Patient Experience Manager at Dental Associates, a family-owned practice with more than a dozen practices in Wisconsin. After testing the system in three practices, Dental Associates is now adding Patient Prism to all of its locations to improve their receptionists’ call-handling skills and call-conversion rates. She said it’s been easy to see the ROI as their team members have learned more effective ways to answer callers’ questions.
Every time a potential new patient ends the call without booking an appointment, Patient Prism sends out an alert via email and/or text message. It includes specific coaching tips and short videos from experts in the dental industry on just what to say in that particular situation. The receptionists use the information to call back the potential patient, address their concerns, and hopefully convert the caller.

“It has been really eye-opening to see how the opportunities lost can go into opportunities won. And we measure that. Each quarter we have charts that we share with our leadership team and each of our offices to show how beneficial it is to have a platform like Patient Prism letting us know where we're able to recover (new patient revenue). It’s not only for that first visit, but if we're able to make them our dental home, the return on investment is astronomical. (That one phone call) can turn them and their family into patients.”

Turn More Callers Into Patients

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