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Margaret McGuckin: Leveraging Your Phone System

Margaret McGuckin is the co-founder of i3 Ignite, a consulting company that helps companies scale quickly. As the founding COO of ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers, Margaret steered the DSO from 1 to 31 locations in 14 states in a 4-year period. She built their platform and was responsible for creating the playbooks that ensured culture and performance for both de novo and acquired practices.

“As chief operating officer for a DSO, and one that grew very quickly from about nothing to 135 million in revenue a year, I know the importance of having the right systems in place. They're really critical to success. One of the most important systems, but one that’s most often overlooked, frankly, is your phone system and making sure that the people who are answering the phone, whether they're in an individual practice or whether they're in a call center, are welcoming people with warmth, making sure that they're answering their questions with both knowledge and empathy, and they're able to overcome and address their concerns about scheduling an appointment. So having those rights systems is really important to the success of each and every office. Patient Prism has the right training, they've got the right tools. It's based on data they can lift immediately. (It shows) the results that you're getting from one of your most important systems: your phones.”

Patient Prism is a patented call tracking and call coaching program that analyzes every new patient phone call, identifies individuals who end the call without booking, and provides rapid call analysis and effective training designed to win back that potential patient – all within one hour.

Patient Prism has two utility patents for the technology its team developed. The CallViz® Analyzer eliminates the need to listen to the recorded phone call; instead, it provides a visual representation of new patient calls that don’t end in a booked appointment, pinpointing call-handling concerns and providing coaching tips. The CallViz® Cloud aggregates the services and insurance information spoken by new patient callers. Dental practices use this data to generate more effective digital ads, social media content, and website search engine optimization. They also use it to make operational decisions, such as expanding services or evaluating insurance plan participation.

About this Industry Leader:

Margaret McGuckin - Profile Pic

Margaret McGuckin

Strategist & DSO Consultant, i3 Ignite

Margaret McGuckin and her business partner, Kathy Lynn-Cullotta, are the co-founders of i3 Ignite. They've worked as an advisory team for the past four years across multiple industries. i3 Ignite advises DSOs and large group practices as they try to stay on the path of profitable growth while navigating the complexity of executing a multi-location, multi-business model organization.

As the founding COO of ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers, a consumer-based DSO, Margaret steered the organization from 1 to 31 locations in 14 states in a 4-year period, generating over $130 million annually. She built their platform and was responsible for managing consistently and successfully to the Playbook, ensuring culture and performance for both de novo and acquired practices. As a C-Suite executive, Margaret led teams that rapidly developed and scaled up innovative businesses in several industries including local media and health care.

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