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Dental Practice Increases New Patient Appointments by 90% and 5 More Success Stories

Six dental companies improved their new patient phone call experience.

Learn about the decision that dramatically boosted call conversions and increased revenue across the board, without increasing marketing spend.

Discover what dentists and managers have to say about:

  • How they dramatically increased new patient booked appointments

  • How front office staff improved service to patients by paying closer attention to how they handled incoming calls

  • How to meet office and personal goals with the right measurement tools

  • How call tracking and coaching helped improve office morale

Tell me how they did it.


"With Patient Prism, I know what’s happening with every call, almost in real time. It’s the best way to see how calls are being handled without micromanaging my team."

testimonial-Dr. Melissa Smith - Washington Smiles
Melissa Smith, DDS, Owner
Washington Smiles

"I had a gut instinct that our conversion rate was not where it should be, the RELO alerts have made a big difference. We find that we have a more satisfied customer because we’re answering the right questions on the call."

testimonial-Marcelo Mattschei, DDS
Marcelo Mattschei, DDS, Owner
Dental Crown in an Hour