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AJ Acierno, DDS: Training on Communication

AJ Acierno is a practicing dentist and the founder and CEO of DecisionOne Dental Partners, a DSO with more than 25 practices in the Chicago area. The group began a pilot with Patient Prism in 2018 and quickly expanded the service to their other practices. Dr. Acierno explains the benefits.

“Patient Prism and their technology and their CE in their coaching is really unbelievable. Here's the big difference. When you hire a consultant, a consultant comes in with all these great communication skills, but it requires the (team members) to write it down, remember it, and do all those things. The digital platform for CE and for coaching is the wave of the future. Patient Prism is really the first partner that we've had that has given us this just right in front of us. So our team members at any point in time during the day can just click on a video and they're learning and they're understanding the communication skills that come with it. It really is phenomenal because to take a whole entire group of BAs (Business Assistants / Front Desk), take them out of the office, close the office down and train them on communication is extremely expensive and it's very difficult. When they can do it at their own workstation, it's pretty amazing.”

Patient Prism records new patient phone calls, identifies people who end the call without booking an appointment, and provides rapid call coaching so the team can call back that potential patient and win them back. It’s teamed up with dental industry leaders from across the country to provide the short training videos for the front desk, plus has a library of more than 900 videos designed to improve the job skills and job satisfaction of team members in other positions.

About this Industry Leader:

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Alan J Acierno, DDS

Co-Founder and CEO of DecisionOne Dental Partners

Dr. Alan J. Acierno is a practicing dentist and the CEO of DecisionOne Dental Partners, headquartered in Schaumburg, IL. After receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Creighton University, he practiced dentistry in both corporate and private environments, where he discovered the benefits and challenges of each type of practice. Compelled with a vision to make a difference in the way dentistry is practiced, Dr. AJ Acierno, together with his brother and fellow dentist, Dr. Michael Acierno, founded DecisionOne Dental Partners in 2011.

Over the past seven years, DecisionOne has grown to 27 dental practices. As the company continues to grow, it remains dedicated to patient centered care and its mission to improve lives.

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