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Urgent Hub: Online Dental Emergency Appointments

It's more important than ever to keep emergency dental patients out of the ER.

Jake Gulick is the President of Greyfinch, a dental software development company that released a web-based application for connecting patients who have urgent dental and vision concerns with providers. In this video, he talked to Patient Prism CEO Amol Nirgudkar about how Urgent Hub works.

How Urgent Hub Works

Urgent Hub prescreens patients for COVID-19 symptoms and determines if the patient’s need qualifies a urgent as outlined by state and federal directives.

Depending on how the patient responds to the questions, they are directed to schedule an in-person clinical visit or a telehealth appointment.

In the video, Gulick demonstrates how it works.

Dentists have the ability to create a custom link that they can share with their current patient base, or to sign up to be part of the Urgent Hub network so they can attract new patients.

It also has a teledentistry option for virtual appointments.

How Urgent Hub Began

One of Greyfinch’s customers is a dental support organization with multiple practices in Arkansas named Rock Dental Brands. The DSO’s management team was talking to executives in Italy and other countries where COVID-19 had spiked to learn best practices for managing the crisis.

“One of the things they learned was that by closing down dental clinics, there was nowhere patients could go for their dental emergencies. So they were heading to the ER,” Gulick explained.

“Rock Dental identified which practices were near hospitals here in Arkansas and decided to alleviate emergency room visits by letting the hospitals know they could send dental emergency patients to their clinics instead,” Gulick said.

The Rock Dental team created business cards with the Urgent Hub website link and dropped them off to local hospitals to hand out.

Additional Resources

Dental practices can sign up to be on Urgent Hub’s website for $10 per month. To learn more, visit Greyfinch.com/Urgent-Hub.

For more interviews with experts, training resources, and guides, visit Academy.PatientPrism.com.

There will be a huge need for dentistry once people can resume normal activities. More people than ever will have questions about safety, affordable treatment options, and what’s covered by their insurance plans post-COVID. Visit PatientPrism.com/Overview to find out how we can help your team convert more callers into booked appointments.

About this Industry Leader:

Scott Mortier - Profile Pic

Jake Gulick

President, Greyfinch

Jake Gulick started his 13-year career in the dental space at TeleVox Software. After leaving TeleVox, he helped start Cloud9Ortho and led the sales team for four years. Jake then helped create Greyfinch Orthodontic Practice Management Software. Greyfinch continues to push the boundaries of practice management software with an integrated appointment widget for new patients and fully integrated electronic onboarding for new patients including signing all their documents. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Greyfinch launched Urgent Hub for online dental emergency appointment scheduling.

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