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TUSK Partners Helps DSOs Scale Up


What's the difference between a group of affiliated dental practices and a dental support organization? Centralized services.

“Whether a DSO has three locations, 20 locations, or more, by definition, a DSO has centralized services," explains Diwakar Sinha, Chief Development Officer at TUSK Partners, one of the country's leading dental mergers and acquisitions advisory firm.  "Accounts receivable, accounts payable, marketing, and perhaps, a centralized call center and regional managers all help the DSO function more efficiently.” 

“A DSO is a scalable platform. Being scalable is something TUSK Partners helps its clients focus on if they are going the route of a private equity buyer,” says Sinha. “We help clients get ready to scale their practices on a bigger level.”

TUSK Partners helps entrepreneurial dentists understand their goals and if building a DSO is right for them. TUSK helps dentists develop their vision of what they want to build, the structure of its scalable platform, its size before exit, and the desired exit strategy.

DSO Considerations

 TUSK Partners also offer workshops for dentists considering or involved in DSO formation and growth.

"In our deep dive, we're going to talk about the dental industry trends, centralized processes, leadership infrastructures, human capital, financing capital, and what it takes to build a DSO," says Sinha.  "Our goal is to understand where they want to end up and help them achieve that goal." 

Sometimes a dentist decides a DSO is not for them. “If your goal is to go to only five locations, you can still be a great acquisition target for a strategic buyer, without going through all the legal reporting associated with a DSO," explains Sinha.

TUSK also helps private practices with growth and exit strategies. "We have a client that has two daughters in dental school, and we're building that business so we can transition that to family members and provide a good living for them."

When to Start Creating a DSO Structure

Often, DSOs bring in nonclinical partners for executive leadership when they grow to more than three locations. TUSK Partners helps the clinical doctor who owns the group decide when that is best for meeting the goals of the business and work-life balance. 

"We have people that have two locations that are setting up a DSO structure," says Sinha. "And we have people that have 15-20 locations that do not have a DSO structure that are looking to go to a financial partner and scale their business, so now they're setting up a DSO structure, and they're bringing in infrastructure and leadership in the form of a chief operating officer."

Usually, there is a trigger event for bringing in nonclinical partners, a point when dedicated business expertise is necessary. 

When to Stop

Where you want to end drives the scale to which you grow. Ultimately, TUSK’s goal is to help group practice owners understand where they want to financially end up and help them achieve that goal. To enter into discussion with TUSK Partners, just reach out. They can help you develop your vision, become scalable, and guide you within the mergers and acquisitions market to meet your goals.


About this Industry Leader:

Diwakar Sinha - Profile Pic

Diwakar Sinha

Finance, Capital Solutions, Group Practice Growth & Exit Strategies

Diwakar Sinha has an undergraduate degree in Aviation Science from The Ohio State University and most recently served as the National Sales Manager for East West Bank Practice Solutions providing Lending solutions for the Group Practice & Solo Practitioner space. He has a combined experience over 17 Years in the financial services industry with 15 of them in the healthcare space. Currently he is Partner with TUSK Partners and leads Strategic Consulting efforts to provide "C" Level Consulting to CEOs of emerging group practice space on best practices to scale-up a platform from 3 locations to 25+ offices

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