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Stay Focused to Stay on Track

Executive coach Don Khouri advises dentists to stay in alignment with your goals, focus on one task at a time, and say no to requests that take you off track.

Don Khouri of Fortune Management says dentists have far more to do than the time they have. The volume of requests exceeds the capacity to deal with all of them. “We just can't do it,” says Khouri, who coaches dentists and executives to adapt high performance behaviors.

Multi-Tasking Is an Illusion

Khouri reports that only 21% of us are focusing on one thing at a time, and four out of five of us are multi-tasking (doing more than one thing at a time). This isn’t a good thing. Stanford University research has demonstrated that multi-taskers under perform. We can’t really multi-task and have high memory recall or be highly productive.

Learn to Say No to Stay on Track

A Miami University study shows we also have difficulty saying no to people who press us to do something, even if we know we don’t have time and the request is not in alignment with our own goals. Dentists and executives need to intentionally evaluate requests, be prepared to say no and mindfully respond based on reason instead of emotion says Khouri. “We must say no in order to honor our yes.”

About this Industry Leader:

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Don Khouri

Executive Coach, Fortune Management

Don Khouri is an Executive Coach who helps dentists gain clarity about their vision and inspires the whole team to be responsible for it. Following the unique Fortune Management System, Don takes an integral approach to business and life planning. Don’s dental knowledge and coaching expertise help dentists become more productive. Doctors and teams who go through the program find increased success both in their personal and in their professional lives.

With over 20 years of technology experience in the financial services sector, Don has a track record of guiding highly complex, corporate-wide technology programs from inception to completion. Working as a Vice President at Fidelity Investments for 21 years, his leadership responsibilities included software development, quality assurance, program management, and market data systems. In addition to building high-performance global teams stretching from Dallas to Bangalore, Don has led programs with budgets of up to $50M.

Don’s professional credentials include co-founding The Coach Forum, an organization of coaches committed to developing their own coaching competencies, which he led from 2004-2007. He was an influential steering committee member of Fidelity Investments Technology's Mentoring Program, a program pairing over 500 technology associates interested in personal development with senior leaders. Don previously served as Organizational Advisor at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate. In this role, he consulted with the Institute's Directors on organization, was responsible for coordinating volunteers, and implemented a project management discipline. The Institute is building the scientific foundation for the practice of coaching.

Don's professional and academic credentials support his extensive and unique work experience. He holds a PhD in Human and Organization Systems from Fielding Graduate University, an MBA focusing on organizational behavior from Boston University, an MA in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University, and a BS degree in MIS and Quantitative Methods from Babson College. Don received the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (GCEC) from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and is a graduate of Legacy Learning Coach Training (the successor of FranklinCovey). Don is certified in the following areas:

• Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment Administrator
 • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (DISC Profile)
• Certified Getting Things Done (GTD) internal trainer
• Certified Linkage Leadership Coach


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