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OurPerio Team Software for Periodontists

Digital technology has been transforming dental practices for many years. The latest in cloud-based software not only improves efficiency, but also results in increased data storage, analytics, real-time information sharing, and better business management. Systems are being designed to solve problems of dentists, specialists, and patients. Two of these are OurPerioTeam and Patient Prism.

CEO of Patient Prism, Amol Nirgudkar, invited Deb Roberge, Founder and Co-Creator of OurPerioTeam, into the Patient Prism studio to converse about what OurPerioTeam does and to also record multiple series on topics she has specialized in for years: the hiring and development of dental team members.

In this video, Nirgudkar begins the conversation by introducing Deb Roberge and her video series which advises dentists on how to best seek new team members, interview them, introduce them to the practice, establish a salary plan that advances as the new employee masters specific skills, and keep them motivated. Her series also covers how to manage poor performance and fire with dignity.

Software Connects Periodontists and Referring Dentists

OurPerioTeam is cloud-based software, created to meet the need of periodontists and the general dentists who refer to them to oversee and care for patients who need advanced periodontal treatment and management. It establishes a communication protocol and information flow about the patient’s scheduling and treatment status. The new efficiency benefits not only the doctors but also their teams and the patient. Both offices can check on the status of the patient in real time and not have to make phone calls.

Deb Roberge begins her story by explaining how her focus was on general practices at one point. Around five years ago, she started working with a few periodontists and was shocked at what she found. “They are almost like the black sheep of the dental family,” says Roberge. They use general dentistry software, instead of personalized specialty software. They have not kept up with the technological age, resulting in major delays in referrals. After multiple visits to periodontal practices and noticing the same problem over and over, Deb decided to do something about this.

With the assistance of periodontists, she created OurPerioTeam to create proper and fast communication between dentists and periodontists. Periodontists get their own access code. Everything is HIPAA compliant and cyber safe. And, like Patient Prism software, OurPerioTeam, is truly helping practices capture patients who might be lost. Re-engagement of patients and referrals have increased in the practices that use OurPerioTeam. The patients are better off.

Tackling Inefficiencies in the Dental Practice

“This is true of Patient Prism, as well,” says Amol Nirgukar. “Inefficiencies can quickly develop if a dental practice is not aware of how to accurately tackle certain issues. In Finance, we call it information efficiency when all the players and stakeholders have perfect access to information in real time.”

Not all aspects of practice management, however, rely on the speed of digital technology. When it comes to hiring, dental hiring expert, Deb Roberge, advocates hiring slowly and knowing exactly what you want. “It’s important to know exactly what it is that you absolutely must have on a person’s resume and what you can do without for now and develop over the long term,” says Roberge. Recruiting ads should be tailored for specific qualifications. You don’t want to attract resumes from everyone out there. “Ultimately, slow and steady is the way to a thriving dental practice,” says Roberge.

Roberge can be contacted at AskDeb@OurPerioTeam.com.

About this Industry Leader:

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Deb Roberge

Founder, Our PerioTeam

Deb Roberge has more than 40 years of experience in the dental industry. In addition to working in multiple positions in dental practices, she also owned a crown-and-bridge lab, created a dental employee placement agency in Phoenix, and served as a dental practice coach for many years.

She created OurPerioTeam in 2016. The cloud-based software is specifically designed for dental specialists, periodontists and oral surgeons. It addresses the day-to-day issues that apply to marketing, referral processing, and communication between the general dentist and the specialist. It makes it easy to receive patient information and x-rays, tracks referral marketing, and details the ROI from events that you host for referring doctors, such as study clubs and promotional events.

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