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Dr. Joshua Renken: Lessons Learned in Growing Renken Dentistry

At the Dykema DSO Conference in Dallas in July 2019, Dr. Joshua talked about the lessons he learned during the scaling of the operations at his DSO, Renken Dentistry.

The biggest lesson was discerning what he would and would not compromise. He reports that most non-negotiables revolve around the patient experience because that experience is so important.

"When I started years ago in a solo dental situation, one of the things I did for myself was make a list of all the non-negotiables that I would never compromise as we grow," says Renken. "And the funny thing is that list started to get shorter because there were certain special things that were harder to replicate and carry on as we grew. But the things that have remained on that list I think are what make us special and were super important and things that I never want to compromise. I only want our growth to make them even more special and to make them more fully expressed."

Renken points out, the dentist is highly involved clinically, even as you grow, but as you start to grow, you're pulled away from your admin team. Hiring others to focus on the business aspects of the DSO is essential. Renken admits they were ahead of growth in some ways but not in others.

"The number one thing that we had to centralize first was our vision of where we are going, our mission and our values. That literally forms the framework for our hiring and development process." Renken says this is what inspires him when the going gets rough and also inspires the team "beyond my reach of what I can control."

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