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Inspiring Women and Empowering Dental Entrepreneurs - Featured Image

Inspiring Women and Empowering Dental Entrepreneurs

Highlight. Inspire. Empower. Connect. These are the words and the motivation that drive Anne Duffy, the founder, editor & publisher of Dental Entrepreneur Women magazine, or DeW for short.

“I’m an activator,” said Duffy. “I’m on the phone with amazing women all the time. I want to lift women up and my niche is dental, so that makes it pretty simple.”

Duffy started her career as a dental hygienist in the 1970s, then expanded into dental consulting and sales. She joined the team at Dental Entrepreneur Magazine more than 20 years ago and thrived on providing best practices and success stories to dentists to help them maximize their careers. 

Then she realized that the challenges facing women in the dental field were different than the ones that faced men. They’re running businesses, practices, departments, households, and schedules. And often, they’re doing it without the salary or recognition that men receive. 

In 2016, she was talking to a friend who was being belittled by a male colleague. Duffy was tired of women not getting their due and decided enough was enough. 

“I was just so mad,” Duffy explains.  “It’s mind-blowing to me that we started this before the MeToo movement. I thought women were so much further along than we really are.”

That night, she had a conversation with her husband Tom on the porch. Where many people would have left it at that, Duffy went into action. The next day, she began the legal process of creating a new magazine to showcase women in dentistry.

That led to a magazine, a website, and a series of retreats for women leaders where they can connect, inspire, and empower each other. 

Now women have a voice.

Dental Entrepreneur Women has published 12 editions as of September 2019 and featured more than 200 women. The motto is “Be heard. Tell your story.”

To share your story and to read other stories of women in dentistry, visit https://www.dew.life/.

About this Industry Leader:

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Anne Duffy

Editor and Publisher, DeW Life

DeW Life is a magazine and website designed to celebrate the inspirational women filling the pipeline in dentistry. DeW is short for Dental Entrepreneur Women and has featured hundreds of women making a difference in this industry.

Founder Anne Duffy has been in the dental field since 1974, excelling as a hygienist, consultant, sales rep, and finally as the owner of a magazine called Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom.

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