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Dental Whale's Innovative Solutions for Dental Industry

Dental Whale's innovative solutions for private dental practices enable dentists to compete with larger dental organizations and benefit from group buying power. If a dentist wants to start a dental practice, grow to multiple locations, or merge with an existing DSO, Dental Whale has programs designed to inform, guide, and fast track these entrepreneurial ventures.

17,000 Dentists & Growing

“Through our volume, we are actively doing business with over 17,000 independent dentists on a monthly basis,” said Scott Mortier, Rainmaker and Growth Strategy Builder for Dental Whale. “Some of them choose to use our entire array of services, which is under our Dental Whale Dental Entrepreneur Program.”

Frequently, dentists pick and choose specific services. Some use frontdeskDDS, a company that offers front desk services such as appointment scheduling, appointment confirmations, insurance and billing calls, follow-up treatment calls and more.  Altogether, Dental Whale’s umbrella covers nine distinct companies, each designed to address a specific area of need.

A La Carte Services

“Our menu is totally a la carte,” explained Mortier. “You can choose to just have us do your marketing and deliver you a minimum of 50 patient leads a month. Or we can answer your phones, or we can fix your equipment, or you can even outsource our mergers and acquisitions department. You can attend one of our Breakaway seminars. So we have all of those opportunities there for the independent dentist.”

Entrepreneurial dentists seeking to go to the next level can enjoy a discover day hosted by Dr. Scott Leune. The Dental Entrepreneurial Program offers training with access to deeply-discounted educational events hosted at Dental Whale’s Breakaway facility.

“And then we're actually going to go out to your practice and onboard it and determine what your needs are as an independent center” said Mortier. “Once we identify the need, we're going to put an action plan together, what we call our initial boost phase, which is a way to boost the revenue of that practice to get you in a stable financial position. And then you have the ability to either go through our mergers and acquisitions team, or go through our Breakaway de novo consulting team, and you can explore looking at acquisitions and doing start-ups at the same time. It allows us to give that dentist multiple options and then use our operational platform to then stabilize that second practice and get them going to a third, a fourth, and a fifth.”

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