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Patient Prism is dedicated to providing up-to-date information designed to help dental practices and DSOs navigate this challenging time. Click on each image to watch videos and read articles. 

3/28/20 - Dental Office HR, Layoffs and Loan Assistance During Crisis


3/27/20 - Dental Practice Preservation Strategies



3/26/20 - Creative Solutions for Dental Collections During Coronavirus


3/26/20 - Dentists During Coronavirus: Weighing the Risks of Closing vs Staying Open


3/24/20 - Dentists During Coronavirus: Talk to Landlords, Lenders & Vendors


There are steps that dentists can take immediately to reduce costs, said John Meis, DDS. In this 20-minute video, Dr. Meis talks to Patient Prism CEO Amol Nirgudkar about how dentists can cut some of their biggest expenses: rent, loans, credit card fees, and supplies.

3/19/20 - Crisis Management for Dentists During Coronavirus


In this 20-minute video with Patient Prism CEO Amol Nirgudkar, Judy Kay Mausolf shares action steps that dentists can be taking now and in the months ahead to effectively communicate during the coronavirus pandemic and the economic repercussions it’s caused.

3/17/20 - Vincent Cardillo: Planning for your Dental Team During Coronavirus


Vincent Cardillo and Paula Fontana of Maeva Dental Advisors share the top five priorities for dentists and DSO leaders right now.

3/13/20 - Grace Rizza: Dental Marketing During an Economic Downturn

Li_Amol_GraceRizza3Grace Rizza specializes in dental marketing for private practices and DSOs. She highlights ways dentists can pivot their marketing campaigns to remain relevant during an economic downturn.