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Converting Calls During COVID-19 - Featured Image

Let’s face it: Two-thirds of Americans didn’t see a dentist regularly even before COVID-19.

Now more callers than ever have questions about safety protocols, treatment costs, and payment options - especially if they lost their dental insurance benefits during the past few months.

Please print and share this with your call-handling team to learn:

  • What’s driving most calls
  • How to answer when asked “How much will it be?”
  • The best way to respond to, “Is it safe to come in?”
  • Effective phrasing for out-of-network insurance questions
  • Ways to win over nervous callers
  • Additional resources to help your team

Patient Prism analyzed more than 150,000 dental practice phone calls between May 1 to June 8. We hope these free tips and trends will help your team convert more calls and rebuild your revenue.