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Typical results for dental practices using Patient Prism® to manage their incoming calls
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Here’s what dental offices around the country have achieved within 6 months of using Patient Prism®

of offices
New patients booked
Large DSO 1
Large DSO 2
Large Dental Practice
Medium Dental Practice 1
Medium Dental Practice 2
Medium Dental Practice 3
Medium Dental Practice 4
Small DSO 1
Small Dental Practice 1
Small Dental Practice 2

Time period: 7-month period from January to July 2017. All data cited with permission.

Patient Prism® increases new-patient growth at dental offices of all sizes. 

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Patient Prism has your back:
  • More than 300 dental offices use the platform.

    You won’t be alone. Patient Prism serves practices that range in size from one office to 250. With our multi-practice dashboard, you'll be able to see how each location is performing individually.

  • You receive full implementation, training, and support services

    Our Customer Success team is always available when you need them. As a Patient Prism customer, you get unlimited telephone support. 

Here's what our customers have to say:


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Turn more of your callers into patients

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