Success Stories

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Dental Depot | Patient Prism Partner

"We've seen $30,000 or $40,000 worth of regenerated revenue for missed calls."

Dr. Himesh Kana, DDS

Managing Partner, Dental Depot DFV

How Other DSOs Use Patient Prism To Their Advantage

Video Success Stories

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Dental Associates | Patient Prism Partner

Christina Villarreal, CPXP

Patient Experience Manager, Dental Associates

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DecisionOne Dental Partners | Patient Prism Customer

AJ Acierno, DDS

Co-Founder, CEO, DecisionOne Dental Partners

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i3 Ignite | Patient Prism Partner

Margaret McGuckin

Strategist & DSO Consultant, i3 Ignite​

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Smile Culture Dental | Patient Prism Partner

Parth Patel, DMD

Co-founder and CEO, Smile Culture Dental

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Dental Consultant Connections | Patient Prism Partner

Linda Miles

Practice and Team Development Consultant

"Our marketing costs are about a third of last year. We don’t have to spend as much on marketing since we’re doing a much better job at conversion. We are more efficient.”

Joshua Renken, DDS
Founder of Renken Dentistry

Joshua Renken, DDS

Founder of Renken Dentistry

Dental Depot | Patient Prism Partner
Riccobene Family Dentistry | Patient Prism Partner
Smile Design Dentistry | Patient Prism Partner
Renken Dentistry | Patient Prism Partner
New England Dental Group | Patient Prism Partner
NC Pediatric Dentistry | Patient Prism Partner


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