Renken Dentistry Doubles Call Conversions & Chairside Production

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Increase in New Patients (Location:Crystal Falls)
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Renken Dentistry | Patient Prism Partner

Renken Dentistry's Journey

The Client

Joshua Renken, DDS, is the founder of Renken Dentistry, a group of four dental practices based in Illinois and Texas.

In 2018, Dr. Renken and his family moved to the Austin Texas area to continue growing the Renken Dentistry group. Since arriving in Texas, Dr. Renken has opened an office in Leander, Texas in the Crystal Falls community where he lives as well as an office in Georgetown, Texas next to Randall’s in the Sun City Community.

Renken Dentistry Team

The Challenge

Renken Dentistry recovered $300,000 in collected revenue

“It’s a Game-Changer” ​

Renken Dentistry has a clear goal: Move every patient toward excellent oral health. 

Unfortunately, Dr. Renken didn’t feel like he had a strong understanding of how new patient calls were being handled. 

How many people were taking the time to call, but not ending up on the schedule? 

The Solution

Dr. Renken implemented Patient Prism to record their inbound phone calls, identify missed opportunities, and coach Dr. Renken’s team on effective call-handling strategies. 

Every time a new patient call does not end in a booked appointment, Patient Prism sends an email to the team detailing what to say to call back and win back that missed opportunity. 

Those Re-Engage Lost Opportunity alerts, called RELOs for short, are typically sent within an hour.

The Results

The rapid call analysis and coaching helped all four practices improve their call conversion. Two practices showed dramatic improvement. 

“Our Texas practices doubled in production,” said Dr. Renken. 

“We have a lot of success from the Re-Engage Lost Opportunity alerts,” added Jacquelyn Sadler, Marketing Director at Renken Dentistry. “We’re notified in almost real time. We can immediately reach out to them and fix the problem.”

There’s another benefit, too. “Our marketing costs are about a third of last year. We don’t have to spend as much on marketing since we’re doing a much better job at conversion,” said Dr. Renken. “We are way more efficient.”

"When we began with Patient Prism, we were at 56% call conversion. Now we're in the 90s. It's almost doubled our success rate on the phone. And our Texas practices have doubled production in just a year. Patient Prism is a big part of that. ”

Joshua Renken, DDS
Founder of Renken Dentistry

Joshua Renken, DDS

Founder of Renken Dentistry


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