Creating Greater Purpose for Their Front Desk at Valley Endodontics & Oral Surgery in Arizona

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Valley Endodontics & Oral Surgery

Valley Endodontics's Journey

The Client

Valley Endodontics & Oral Surgery, established in 1996 by Dr. Steven Hymovitch, is one of Arizona’s largest and most trusted specialty practices. 

Over 1,200 dental professionals throughout the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas place their trust in them, referring their patients and their friends and family members to the practice.

Valley Endodontics strives to be at the forefront of endodontic and oral surgery technology, making them leaders in our industry. Their reputation has been built around the purpose of putting patients first.

In November 2021, Dr. Hymovitch and Marisa Cuco, Valley Endodontics and Oral Surgery’s Relations Director, reached out to Patient Prism to begin working with them. We have worked with four of their offices since that time.

The Challenge

Valley Endodontics struggled with:

  • High call volume 
  • Phone etiquette 
  • Conversion rates on phone calls

Even though the team worked confidently on their phone calls and continuously strived to answer patients’ questions with consistency and grace.

One problem that stood out to Patient Prism during the first two months was assisting patients who did not have referrals from their primary dentists. They failed to offer solutions to help these patients move forward with their practices.

In April 2022, Valley Endodontics’ conversion rate for New Patients was 68%. On average, they received nine Patient Prism alerts to re-engage lost opportunities (RELOs) each day.

Central Phoenix and Scottsdale were not following up with their RELOs and had no Award Winners in their Staff Metrics. Yet…

The Solution

In April of 2022, Marisa Cuco and Maddie Pulley, a Patient Prism Client Success Coordinator, worked together to develop solutions for the practice to motivate and encourage Central Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Maddie met with Office Managers: Alexis and Jonathan to better understand their pain points and develop creative solutions. Patient Prism held two contests for Scottsdale and Central Phoenix in May. 

The first offered a Gift Card to the Team Member with the Highest Conversion Rate, and the second provided lunch to the team with the highest RELO conversion rate.

When meeting with Alexis, Maddie discussed and came up with a call script and identified goals to work with for the team. Also, we discussed phone etiquette, and Maddie offered solutions to ensure each Team Member was successful with their call basics.

The Results

Valley Endodontics recovered $137,400 in collected revenue

By May 31st, Central Phoenix and Scottsdale:

  • Converted 49 missed opportunities
  • Generated $137,400 in recovered revenue
  • Increased their conversion rate to 74% for new patient calls

By encouraging Marisa and Jonathan, both teams worked hard to produce excellent results.

And by creating purpose around better meeting the needs of New Patients and doing RELO callbacks to New Patients who needed their help, the teams tackled a big job and enjoyed the competition. 

Their efforts and success will be the new benchmark for Valley Endodontics in its pursuit of raising the bar of its Customer Service and Patient Relations.

“We’re getting insight about our true potential. As we pick up steam with Patient Prism RELO alerts and call conversion training, we anticipate experiencing unprecedented, significant growth.”

Dr. Steven Hymovitch
Founder and CEO, Valley Endodontics

Dr. Steven Hymovitch

Valley Endodontics


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